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The Last Waltz

Brace yourselves for the Last Waltz at Blue Moon in Nelspruit

When the news of Blue Moon in Nelspruit closing down concert broke all I could say is “Fuck”. Yes, I’m a girl cow and cows are not even suppose to talk (never mind swear). My next thought was “I hope Nelspruit is bloody satisfied now”. Look I love my small town – I got some cool friends here of all shapes and species – but let me tell you: without Blue Moon we won’t have our music fix anymore here. “Music is a living breathing thing, it’s about fucking time people start respecting it again.” Marley (my human) said that in her blog recently – I completely agree with her.

The Last Waltz Brace yourselves for the Last Waltz at Blue Moon in Nelspruit

Live music has certainly taken its toll on attendance across the board, cities and provinces. I wouldn’t say it’s because of music and arts festivals – No, I think it’s that damn high petrol price, the skelms at E-Toll and the high price of beer. But let me explain something: the closing of Blue Moon is a big loss to South African music – period. Ask any band who has ever played there. It’s one fantastic venue, nestling in the granite koppies just outside of Nelspruit. But what makes Blue Moon special is not just the stage, sound, concrete and spilled OBS stains – it’s the people running it, it’s the bar tenders that become your best friends at the end of the night, the friends you meet and the lovers you greet.

I can stand here all day and tell you stories of what and whom I’ve seen and met at Blue Moon’s pine bar counter. Never the less, the people of Nelsparta just stopped giving a fuck, it really feels that way. I know it’s not the small humble awesome supports that never stopped loving the Blue Moon, it’s the rest of the sheep. Ask any venue owner and they’ll tell you that you can never satisfy everyone when it comes to music.

Why should you come to the Last Waltz? Well simply because you need to pay your respects to your youth, your love for SA music and honor those hard working humans behind live music. If you stay in Gauteng you can make a plan to come down, come and see why the Black Cat Bones wrote their awesome music here, why Seether played here more than once and why Bok van Blerk shot his live DVD here. Come see why bands send countless amounts of emails requesting to play here. Nelspartans: you who got drunk and bought land there, those of you who moshed with Seether, who drank with Fokofpolisiekar, who danced to LCNVL and forgot all about yourself should also come this weekend. I can’t simply accept that my village gave up on the Blue Moon because it never gave up on Nelspartans.

The Last Waltz Poster 600x848 Brace yourselves for the Last Waltz at Blue Moon in Nelspruit

The Last Waltz will be held over the course of two days: the 22nd and 23nd of March 2014 (this week Saturday and Sunday). Blue Moon certainly has pulled some rabbits out of their hats and anyone who says this line-up is not rocking should be locked in room with Kurt Darren hits playing on repeat the whole day. They split the last show into two days because they want to cover for almost any age group, but mostly to give our beloved venue a fitting fairwell.

Saturday night will be the classic rock ‘n roll, will party harder than Richard Simmons and Steve Tyler together, tequila drinking, brandy spilling, kop-skud-kinder mal. The line-up consists of the classic craze beautiful Wonderboom, SAMA nominees the Black Cat Bones, holiday feeling music makers The December Streets, confetti lovers ISO, Nelsparta’s most famous funk band No One’s Arc and the local stars in the making Café Wha? This will be the Blue Moon we know and love and those who has never experienced it is all I can say is you will never be the same again. Don’t forget to hang around for DJ Dirtroad’s epic selection of music. (Yes Up The Creek night owls this one is for you). Gates open at 18:00 and music starts from 19:00. A cash bar is available – remember: they don’t accept credit cards.

The Sunday afternoon is more for the families as Blue Moon knows that those teenagers that grew up at the venue now have kids, cars and a mortgage to pay off. So they will have one more Sunday picnic show on the luscious green hills. The line-up consists of happy man Nakhane Toure, iTunes mobster Matthew Mole, songbird Tailor, girl rock band SAARKIE and a big final show off. A sad and long goodbye it will be on Sunday but you can not miss it. Kids under 12 can enter for free, gates open from 12:00 and music starts at 13:00. Bring umbrellas, a picnic basket and your fellow cows and humans. No dogs are allowed and remember to bring cash and sunscreen.

A full weekend ticket will set you back R200 (or through my human it will cost you only R 160). Tickets for a single day cost R120 (R80 if you buy through my human). Tickets are on sale at Stoep Restaurant in Faurie Street, Nelspruit or at the gates. If you want more information about this gig then check out Blue Moon Facebook page, if you want to know more about the venue then visit their website. If you want to contact my human for some tickets then comment on this post and she’ll e-mail you back.

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