Turns out some of my 2010 FIFA World Cup Group Predictions were wrong


On the 27th of April this year I made some predictions about which teams would be progressing from the 1st to the 2nd round in the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa. This truly has been a FIFA World Cup filled with upsets and surprises.  Turns out I was off with some of my predictions for this year’s tournament:

  • I predicted that South Africa and France would progress in Group A. They were both knocked out in the first round. There was drama in the French camp and even though Bafana Bafana restored some pride by beating France (the 9th ranked team in the world) in their last group match both teams had to make way for Uruguay and Mexico (who finished first and second respectively).
  • I was wrong with my prediction for the 2 teams who would progress in Group B as well. I predicted that Argentina and Greece would progress in this group. Argentina has made it into the quarter final of the tournament (after beating Mexico in the 2nd round). Greece and Nigeria were knocked out in the first round and South Korea progressed into the 2nd round. South Korea were knocked out in the 2nd round by Uruguay though (so in a sense I was right).
  • I was spot on with my Group C predictions. Both England and the USA did progress into the second round. I did not expect the 2 teams to play to a draw in their first round match though. And it was also my expectation that England would be scoring more goals in the tournament. Both these teams have been knocked in the 2nd round though (courtesy of Ghana and Germany).
  • I was also spot on with my predictions for Group D (which was comprised of Germany, Ghana, Serbia and Australia). I predicted that Ghana and Germany will progress and both teams are still in the running for the 2010 FIFA World Cup. I was stunned by the Serbian victory over Germany in Port Elizabeth and surprised by the Australian victory over Serbia in one of the last group matches.
  • I was wrong once again when I predicted the teams that will progress in Group E. I only got 1 right. I did predict that the Netherlands would progress (and their definately one of my favorites in the tournament), but I expected Denmark to be the 2nd team progressing. That spot was taken by Japan though. I’m actually going to watch the 2nd round match between Japan  and Paraguay today. Only time will tell which team will make it into the quarter final stage of the tournament.
  • My prediction for the top 2 teams in Group F was Italy and Slovakia. Italy unexpectedly played to a draw in their match against Paraguay in Cape Town and in probably the biggest upset of the tournament Slovakia beat Italy in their last group match by 3 goals to 2 (knocking out Italy in the first round of a FIFA World Cup for the first time since 1974 in West Germany). Slovakia and Paraguay made it into the 2nd round of the competition. Yesterday The Netherlands defeated Slovakia by 2 goals to 1 in their 2nd round match, knocking them out of the tournament.
  • I was absolutely spot on with my predictions for Group H in the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Portugal and Brazil have progressed to the 2nd round. Brazil beat Chile by 3 goals to nil yesterday and will face the Netherlands in their quarter final match. Portugal are playing Spain today in their 2nd round match. The Portuguese team has thusfar achieved the biggest margin of victory in the tournament by beating North Korea by 7 goals to 0.
  • I was also spot on with my prediction for the 2 teams progressing in Group H. Spain and Chile both made it into the 2nd round of the tournament. (Chile was knocked out yesterday by Brazil though). Spain lost to Switzerland for the first time in football history in this group, another upset in the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

I’ve really gotten into the 2010 FIFA World Cup spirit since the tournament started on the 11th of June this year (like most South Africans). There’s still plenty of football to come before the 2010 FIFA World Cup final takes place at Soccer City in Johannesburg on the 11th of July. I will be posting my predicitions for the quarter final matches soon, so watch this space for updates in the Sport category on this blog. Feel free to comment on this post if you have an opinion.