Twilight Moms Motivational


This photo is dedicated to all the Twilight fans. If you’re not a regular reader of my blog or if you don’t follow me on Twitter then you probably don’t know how much I hate this spawn that has stuck out its hideous head in the last few years. I hate Twilight more than Justin Bieber (who got nailed by a water bottle on stage the other day). Twightards are ranting about how cool Twilight is on YouTube, Twitter and even on Facebook. Just a reminder to all of them out there: “Vampires Don’t Sparkle”. If Bram Stoker were alive he’d flip. Sure I have my geekish obsessions with Stargate, Star Wars and Star Trek (to name just a few) and I’m sure that there’s tons of Trekkies and other Science Fiction fans out there that are a bit wacko, but Twightards just take it one step too far (in my opinion), like the Twilight Moms in the funny pictures section of the Humor category.