Wellington VO Brandy Advert


The Wellington V.O. product is labelled as the Official Supplier to Springbok Rugby. Wellington Brandy is very popular throughout South Africa. For those of you there who didn’t know, the South African Rugby team are referred to as the “Springboks” and the New Zealand Rugby team are referred to as the “All Blacks” or the “Kiwis”. Brandy & coke is a very popular drink in South Africa, especially amongst Rugby supporters. This advert is one of my favorites and has been selected to be featured in the TV Adverts section on Running Wolf’s Rant. This blog is regularly updated in the Babes, Movies, Music, Sport and Technology sections, so watch this space. Feel free to comment on this post if you like or dislike the advert.

  • Corrie Broeksma

    Please can you help me, do you have any brandy in little plastic bags that i could give to the guest at my son’s wedding as a gift? Do you have any samples to give away for advertising? If not could you let me know the price of these little bags that i could order from you. Thank You.

    • Corrie: I’m not an employee of Wellington VO, you’ll have to contact them directly


    I am looking for your telephone number and to enquire or Mr.Athur Geerdts is still working at your offices.