Win a Double Ticket to Synergy Live 2012 Johannesburg!


Most of you reading this post are probably aware that Synergy Live 2012 is coming to Johannesburg and Cape Town at the end of this month! The majority of you are most likely psyched out because Prodigy will be headlining this one festival.

Synergy-Live-20121-720x268 Win a Double Ticket to Synergy Live 2012 Johannesburg!

In this post I’m focusing on the Johannesburg leg, and with good reason (yes, just keep on reading). There will be plenty of local awesomeness thrown in to spice up Synergy Live 2012 at Riversands Farm. SA Music fans can expect performances by Newtown Knife Gang, Man as Machine, Gangs of Ballet, Wrestlerish, Bittereinder, Lark Electronic, Desmond & The Tutus, Zebra & Giraffe and The Narrow. This is definitely one of the best band line-ups that I’ve seen for a one day festival in South Africa in a long time.

And let us not forget that there will be an electro stage at Synergy Live 2012 as well. Expect electronic awesomeness from Doctor Khumalo, Minx, King Rat, Phizicist v Kid Robot, Twelv & Thesis, Tommy Gun, Double Adapter, Reepa and RudeOne. It sounds like Synergy Live 2012 Johannesburg is going to be one hell of a blast!

Great news for readers of Running Wolf’s Rant is that I’m giving away a double ticket to Synergy Live 2012 Johannesburg. All you have to do to enter is comment on this post and let me know what you would be willing to do to get your hands on them. The competition closes on Friday the 23rd of November 2012 at 12 noon.

For more information about Synergy Live 2012 check out the Synergy Live website, the Synergy Live Facebook page and @SynergyLive on Twitter.

Watch this space for regular updates in the Competitions and Music categories on Running Wolf’s Rant.


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  • Tamarin McLaren


    I would give you THE BIGGEST OPEN MOUTH KISS with lots of tongue and passion if I win these tickets!!!!!!! 😉

    • Hahaha I’m sure you will 🙂 Thanks for your entry 🙂

  • Well, there would be lots of Beers in Henno’s future, plus myself and Lily would go mad, running around doing very strange things half naked…. So an extra show right there 😛

  • Donovan de Kock

    I would try and do a backflip on a cement floor. 99% chance that I won’t make out alive. But i’ll try my best!

  • Lilith

    I will do ANYTHING TheHenkie wants me to this night… This includes anything him and TheHenno want to agree upon as well…

    Dafuq am I saying…

  • Marnitz

    Heylooo Henno! I will skip one of my exams (which takes place on Saturday) :O and the go to the doctor for a sick note claiming my face was melting due to the awesomeness of The Prodigy live…

  • Nic Berti

    I’m willing to get hit by a car. Or I will kiss everyone who commented on this post. A big wet one. Either one. Any takers??

  • kleinattie

    As someobe who braais for a living, I will go vegan for a month.

    • Hahahaha, thanks Attie 🙂

    • Lilith

      Yeah no, NO ONE should go vegan. EVER. That’s like saying I’ll listen to Justin Bieber for a month…

      • Hahahaha Lillith 🙂

      • Marnitz

        I have to agree with Lilith… Thats like throwing away your South African heritage- we need the meat to be productive man!

        • Haha, you guys and girls crack me up 🙂

        • Lilith

          True story. Kleinattie needs to pay for this!!!

          • Haha 🙂

          • kleinattie

            Oh dear! I can’t imagine the horror of going vegan and listening to Justin Bieber at the same time.

          • That sounds fucking horrible dude 😀

          • Lilith


          • Hahaha 🙂

      • kleinattie

        Haha! What a comparison!

    • kleinattie

      After serious thought and consideration, I am upping the ante…
      I will listen to a Justin Bieber album, in its entirety(once off) and go vegan for a month.

      • Hahaha Attie 🙂

      • Lilith

        After serious thought and consideration, Attie is dead to me 🙁

        • LOL

        • kleinattie

          :/ and I was like
          Baby, baby, baby ooh
          Baby, baby, baby noo

          • Hahaha Attie 🙂 Practising for the Bieber concert I see 🙂

          • kleinattie

            Trololol!!! No Henno XD I consider myself a Firestarter!

          • Noted Attie 🙂

          • Lilith

            *starts cleaning shotgun*

          • Nasty 🙂

  • Roy Bouwer

    If its not enough that i would be missing a good friends 21st I would dance next to a hungry bear cover in honey (If Bears actually like honey? I might have watched too many cartoons as a kid)

    • Thanks Roy 🙂

    • Lilith

      Bears do like honey yes

  • Kgotso Motaung

    I’d literally sacrifice all my senses (save my hearing), my soul and my siblings to the synergy gods just so that I could experience a single second of Prodigy at Synergy live… Don’t even get me started for what I’d do to get tickets for a full show!!! Oh, Henno if only you knew… Like you said, this line up is legitly overwhelming.

  • Well, we will party like insane monsters, love henno forever and look really good while doing it. I do not promise not eating meat, going down on henno or making love to a K9 dog named fifi 😛

    • Hahaha, you guys crack me up Henkie 🙂

    • Lilith

      True story. Her name doesn’t even have to be Fifi.

  • Dominique de Nobrega

    I am so desperate to win tickets because otherwise I’ll be suffering from a serious case of FOMO that might even be considered a fatal disease with this event… Seriously though, there isn’t much I wouldn’t do to get myself and my best friend a ticket to the most epic show to hit SA this year. We will finally put an end to our years of mashing up “Smack my bitch up” with our every day activities.
    Pretty please with a gigantic cherry on top help me out so I don’t miss this! 😀

  • Cailin McRae

    I would buy a ticket and submit myself to a Justin Bieber concert whilst chanting that Henno Kruger is the greatest person to walk this earth. Oh and I would totally shower you with gifts and reminders of how awesome you are 😛

    • Hey Cailin 🙂 This competition ended on Friday already last week :/

      • Cailin McRae

        I am doing reaaaaaaly well hahahaha! I can’t read obviously. Nevermind! 🙂

        • Shame man, I’d love to get you a ticket :/ Will get you a beer instead if I see you again 😀