Win tickets to the April 2016 edition of Park Acoustics


The next edition of Park Acoustics is happening on the 24th of Apri 2016 (next week Sunday) and promises to be one of the musical highlights  of the month.

This edition will feature performances by The Fizz Pops (a Trash Pop / Garage band from Cape Town), Retro Dizzy (a Garage, Surf Rock and Psychedelic band from Cape Town), December Streets (a Pretoria band that needs no introduction), BCUC (who will be bringing music for the people by the people with the people) and the Black Cat Bones (an award winning Pretoria rock band that needs no introduction).

b7886412-7bda-4e37-8a73-a683d115cde3 Win tickets to the April 2016 edition of Park Acoustics

When the live music stops, Lil’ Bow will be entertaining people at the stage while Hannes Brummer, King Nqoba and Kedibone Mulaudzi will be making folks laugh at the Sunset Comedy stage.

This definitely promises to be a fun day in the sun so you should not miss out on it. Tickets cost R150 on the Park Acoustics website or will set you back R150 at the gate on the day. Parking costs R15 per vehicle (and is payable at the gate to the Voortrekker Monument nature reserve). Please note this event is up in the Fort – there are only 2,000 tickets available. Chidren under the age of 6 can enter for FREE.

Feeling lucky? Running Wolf’s Rant is giving away a double ticket to this event and all you need to do to enter is comment below and let us know what your ultimate Park Acoustics fantasy is.

Hint: Being creative will help you score browny points. Remember to include an e-mail address in your comment so we can reach you (if we need to) and do take note that this competition is NOT open to under 18’s. The competition closes on Monday the 18th of April 2016 at 5 PM. The winner will be notified on Tuesday, the 19th of April 2016.

Watch this space for regular updates in the Music and Competitions categories on Running Wolf’s Rant.


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  • Keith

    Park Acoustics…aren’t all parks acoustic, though? Park Acoustics is a host of musical talent as is, but my ultimate Park Acoustics fantasy would be to hear the hubbub of the masses simmer down, as the introductory notes linger, as poignant fusion artists would begin to play. Brooklyn-based Grammy Award winning fusion band Snarky Puppy would be the ultimate add to any line up, and thus having them at Park Acoustics would be beyond something to revel in. It would bring so much more to Park Acoustics by giving jazz purists something to listen to, plus the general crowd would genuinely lose their minds at the modulation of Snarky Puppy key and time signatures…and support from local acts with fractal psychedelia infused sound would add to this…some African kwaito kwela indie pop from The Tutus, some psychedelic B-Hop from Bittereinder, Shortstraw handing out catchy, melodic vibes in their indie undertones styling of performance, DJ S1deshow(CPT) handling the electronic stage, with the assistance of Haezer, the masses swaying to pentatonic waves of lead synth distortion, hinted at with wound up vocals to create a sea of crashing waves and fast tempo funk beats with an exceptional groove. Food stalls readily available just around the corner from the main stage, merchandising delicacies, a surprise visit from Goldfish and the Black Cat Bones, and the fantasy is complete in inception, well, save a few details that are to be announced when this line up actually happens. Lol.

  • Toni-Leigh Massyn

    My Park Acoustic fantasy would be to have a drink and engage in some deep conversations with all the Parktonians about music and festivals. I LOVE acoustic music, where the artists play in an intimate setting where you’re able to connect with the artist.
    My best friendships and memories came from Park Acoustics.

    • Hi Toni-Leigh 🙂 Congratulations 🙂 You are the winner of the tickets 🙂

      • Toni-Leigh Massyn

        This is AMAZING!!!
        Too many thank!!! 😀 😀

  • Gary

    So… Park Acoustic fantasy would be a final surprise performance… Where the bands get to together in a memorable all out collaboration showing how when local flavours get together an impromptu spontanious eargasms may ensue… Can you imagine this lineup in a jam session… Nope! you just gonna have to wait till it happens!

  • Tiaan

    My Park Acoustics fantasy was to see Beast perform live last year, also with Black Cat Bones. My newest fantasy would have to be to party with the guys from BlackCatBones and for them to know me and know that I am the biggest fan in the world. I also fantasize about going home from Park Acoustics and not being super drunk, but that will never happen!!

  • My ultimate Park Acoustics fantasy would be to have The Barbosa Experience being the headliner, with Trevor Noah as the comedy main act. Both are quite unrealistic, but a boy can dream…

  • My ultimate Park Acoustic fantasy would be to attend

  • Brad rees

    Well,let’s do this

    Main stage
    -arctic monkeys
    -Royal blood
    -foo fighters (acoustic set)
    -born ruffians

    Comedy stage
    -lee Evans
    -rebel Wilson
    -Russell brand
    -Trevor Noah (never seen him live)

    Cabin fever
    -aphex twin
    -daft punk
    -phizicist b2b chee (because he is going to cape town and I’m gonna miss him)

    •unlimited bar tab
    •a slip n slide that runs from the fort to the car park
    • that snow cone ice? Well I want like fridges placed all around so people can either make their drink into a slushy,or have a snowball fight
    •everyone gets a free thingy of bubbles to blow
    •oooh and a tequila sunrise from that nice ice-cream lady

    Yeah,I think I could be pretty damn happy with that

  • Kyle Ludwick

    Deep in the heart of Pretoria is a monument on a hill. This monument commemorates those who left the Cape colony and moved inland to a chunk of land that is now known as South Africa. These pioneers who where on a great adventure to find the new, and explore the vast and untouched are known as the Voortrekkers! This monument shines bright as a Beacon on new horizons. Each month we get the honor to go relax at this very landmark and expand our minds and souls to the world of music. Bands new and known. It’s virtually what I imagine paradise to look like on a Sunday. Where most people just decay in front of their television sets. Most come have the greatest of days. Seeing it’s so close to home and convenient to get to each event might just be close to perfect. Only fantasy I might have is during special events, if the organizers can line up some epic bands, is that maybe we can have a whole weekend Park acoustics camp over or not. Those to choose not to camp can pop by see the band’s and maybe Uber home. Others can camp whole weekend. It’s the perfect location for a mini festival. This would make me happy. I love Park acoustics and I wouldn’t change a thing. All that I want is more music to keep my heart beating.

    Kind regards
    Kyle Ludwick