Win Tickets to the Big House Craft Beer Festival!


Great news! The Big House Craft Beer Festival will be held at the Jan Smuts House in Irene, Centurion on the 19th of October 2013 and beer lovers are invited to bring blankets, fold-ups or their grandma’s rocking chair and pull in for a day of pure Craft Beer bliss!

The venue (which is a sanctuary of tall trees and happy green grass) will be transformed into a joyous beer celebration. 13 of South Africa’s most exclusive breweries will be showcasing over 40 different types of micro brewed beers for you to tantalize your taste buds with some of our country’s most sought after Craft Beer! You should be putting on your beer goggles and prepare yourself for an adventure of epic proportions.

Festival goers will be able to taste beers from Boston Breweries, Chameleon Brewhouse, the Cockpit Brewhouse, Clarens Brewery, Copperlake Breweries and Three Skulls Breweries. To entertain the masses the organizers will feature feel-good sun-shiney tunes from four DJ’s from The Grind Radio and performances by local band The December Streets and Cape Town electro-swing legend Oliver Twisted.

BigHouseCBF Win Tickets to the Big House Craft Beer Festival!

Please note that no under 18’s are allowed and that you have to bring a valid form of identification (which doesn’t include big boobs or manly beards). Also note that you will be purchasing tokens that will be exchanged for beer, so don’t buy more  tokens than you will be needing because they are non-refundable. Take notice that no weapons or drugs are allowed so leave them at home.

Punters will be getting a branded mug at the event so they can enjoy your beer.  Tickets cost only R110 per person and are available via Web Tickets. For more information, follow @BigHouseBF on Twitter, check out the Big House Craft Beer Festival Facebook page, join the Facebook Event page or e-mail the organizers directly.

Great news is that Running Wolf’s Rant is giving away one double set of tickets to the Big House Craft Beer Festival! All you have to do to enter is comment on this article and let me know what the wackiest thing is you would do for these tickets. Take note that the competition is NOT open to under 18’s and that the competition closes on the 14th of October 2013 at 10 AM.

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  • Lisa

    Eeeek how exciting…I would dress-up in a German maiden outfit a.k.a. Dirndl and would skip and hop around like Heidi, tralalaling with a beer in my left hand off course and on top of that singing German folk/drinking songs while “Prost” (cheers-ing) innocent bystanders…

  • Lexamantis

    It may not seem all wacky, but if you think about it, for today’s day and age, it sort of is, and also, advantageous. Men folk yell *wench* when requiring more beer, which I will buy with their coin and serve with a smile and a somewhat tolerance for bratwurst and assorted sausages jokes, for it is a beer day in the wake of Oktoberfest 2013.. If that doesn’t tickle your wack, I’ll just bring my personality with – just in case!

  • Joseph

    I would go there with my wife… and be the designated driver and let her drink all the beer… (come on that is crazy!)

  • Cornel

    I would run a full marathon the morning and then go to the festival afterwords! I’ll even show proof that I did it! Just to win those tickets!