Win tickets to Grietfest 2017!


Great news festival junkies! Grietfest 2017 is coming your way on the 26th of August and it’s going to be a huge jol! Over the years, this event has blossomed into a must attend event on the electronic festival calendar. This amazing event is happening at the The Container Yard in Impex Avenue in downtown Johannesburg.

Grietfest-2017-640x257 Win tickets to Grietfest 2017!

It’s the 7th annual edition of Grietfest and this time the organisers are skull banging you with DJ’s who will be bringing you the freshest beats from across the globe and paying homage to the kings and queens of the SA electronic music industry. Grietfest 2017 will have it all: Drum n Bass, Techno, House, Electro, Dubstep, Bass House, Hip Hop, Disco, Trap and more on multiple stages.

The following DJs / acts will be performing at Grietfest 2017:

Billy Kenny (UK), Ivy Lab (UK), PHFAT, Popartlive, Bruce Loko, Felix Laband, Half ‘n Half, The Prototypes (UK), Niskerone,
RudeOne, Trancemicsoul, Digital Rockit, Sound Sensible, Haezer, Hyphen, George Daniel, Mr Green, Chee, BenSon, Bongani Zulu, The LazarusMan, JakobSnake, Metro Ticket, Moonchild Sanelly, lil’ bow, MISSU, Kid Robot, DSCO Cam, Fultronbass, T-Stak, GherkGreen and Morrison Taylor. Make sure that you follow the #OlmecaGF2017 hashtag on Twitter / Facebook and keep your eye out for updates. The craziness starts at 1 PM and will end at 1 AM, but there will be an after party happening as well, so if you don’t want to be home by 1 AM yet, don’t stress.

Grietfest-2016-Credit-Freedom-Seekers-640x327 Win tickets to Grietfest 2017!

You are able to purchase tickets online via the official Grietfest website. DO NOT buy tickets anywhere else as the organisers cannot vouch that they are legit and you could end up with some dud tickets. Tickets will be released in phases, ranging from cheapest to more expensive closer to the time of the event. So, ultimately it’s up to you to get in early if you want to save some money. Take note that listed prices exclude a booking fee.

  • Phase 1 tickets will be on sale from 20 June to 4 July and cost R200.
  • Phase 2 tickets will be available from 5 to 18 July and cost R240.
  • Phase 3 tickets will be available from 19 July to 1 August and cost R260.
  • Phase 4 tickets will be available from 2 August to 15 August and cost R280.
  • Phase 5 tickets will be available from 16 August to 26 August and cost R300.

The official Grietfest 2017 Afterparty will be happening at AND in Newtown, Johannesburg an will feature Embassy, RudeOne VS Mr Green, JakobSnake and Bongani Zulu. Entrance is free for everyone with a Grietfest arm tag and R100 for those who don’t have one.

Great news is that Running Wolf’s Rant is giving away a double ticket to Grietfest 2017! To enter this competition, leave a comment below and let us know WHAT you would be willing to do to get your paws on these tickets. Take note that this competition is NOT open to under 18’s. The competition closes on the 3rd of August at 5 PM. The winner will be notified in the comments section of this article. Please make sure that you include your e-mail address in your entry so we can reach you.

Watch this space for regular updates in the Music and Competitions categories on Running Wolf’s Rant.

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  • Raphael

    daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn This would be freaking amaze balls to go to I would love to see PHfat live and I have heard amazing things about grietfest this will be such a great fest to go ….I cant go to Oppikoppi because Me got no moooooooo-la so this will be close second best .I will shout Running wolfs name from the rooftops to get a chance to go 🙂

  • Wade Donovan Horwitz


    I would climb to the tip top of those containers and shout to the world for IVY LAB will be completing my life as I do so.

    I will fly ,, to the edges of the universe and back I will be a changed person by the mind blowing experience that is grietfest.

    DAM SON I would dress up in a tux and Butler you heads running this fest !!!


  • Julie

    I will go volunteer at the SPCA or Zoo.






































  • Leanne Mills

    I want to re-live the good old GRIND RADIO party days with you 😉 Time for me to let loose again and have an epic night of partying and Grietfest is the way to do it 😉

    You have my email Mr RWR 😉

  • Knuckles

    To be honest I would be willing to Give my Girlfriend’s left Boob to Grab these tickets. I love Grietfest so much … ( . Y . )

    • Congrats! You have won the tickets! Pictures or it did not happen 😀

  • Raphael

    GEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEWIZZ , The amount of folks willing to give away boobs is Tragic! Boobs Deserve Respect…Again im willing to do anything but i will take a stand and hold the boobs firmly and I will Loooooooooove to go it would be awesome

  • colbertdxsntexist

    Real Chat, No Lie. I am 1 mad mother child so if it’s an option, I’d be willing to take it to the extreme – the human has two butt cheeks & IVY LAB is two words.. (i think we already know where this is going), but for the sake of wanting to see them live for so many years now, I may just get their name graffiti’d there! TRUST ME ON THIS ONE :”)) much love guys xx

  • Jacques Celliers

    I would not be willing to give away my left boob, but this is purely because my left boob is by far my better boob. I would however be willing to run around the entire festival with a Running Wolf’s Rant fake tattoo across my chest so everyone can know who the real MVP is 😉 and since the 26th of August is my birthday I’d be willing to donate gifts since tickets to Grietfest would be the only gift I need.

  • Kristen

    I have never been to Grietfest before, and it’s been a dream of mine for a long time… plus local talent is life, local is Lekker! And Billy Kenny WILL steal my heart so I need to be there for my future husband in case someone else takes my place …

  • kabelo

    hey guys can i please win the tickets if they are still up for grabs, i am willing to do even risk doing a stage dive and if they do not catch me ill land like a cat *always on my feet* hahaha but like i would do anything as long as it does not involve me dying