Win tickets to the June 2016 edition of Park Acoustics


Park Acoustics celebrated their 6th birthday in May, but that doesn’t mean that there will be a lack of musical talent for this month’s edition.

Springbok-Nude-Girls-at-Park-Acoustics Win tickets to the June 2016 edition of Park Acoustics

The next edition will be taking place on the 26th of June 2016 and will feature performances by Bad Peter (who are making their Park Acoustics debut), Edisontide (a Durban based Indie act formerly known as Yorke), Early Hours (an Indie / Britpop / Afrorock band from Cape Town), Hot Water (who will also be performing at their first Park Acoustics), South African Indie gods Shortstraw and Veranda Panda. There will also be stand-up comedy from Schalk Bezuidenhout, KG and Kraai Du Toit.

Park-Acoustics-26-June-2016 Win tickets to the June 2016 edition of Park Acoustics

In case you did not know, Jordi Van Dyk (Edisontide’s lead vocalist) was the winner of the Converse Get Out Of The Garage contest in 2013, Early Hours was the first South African band in history to reach over 1 Million plays on Soundcloud and Hot Water’s song Wamkelekile was included on the soundtrack of Blended (a film which starred Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler).

Have a listen to the Hot Water track below:

I missed Bad Peter at STRAB this year and I really want to see what the fuss is about. It will also be great to see Shortstraw live again (and it’s always fun watching them perform) so I’m definitely looking forward to this edition of Park Acoustics. Tickets cost R120 online on the Park Acoustics website or R150 at the gate.

Please note: No under 18’s will be allowed except if you’re accompanied by your parents. Proof of identification required, no copies, photo’s or temporary documents. No glass is permitted into the festival area, so please buy cans or decant in plastic bottles. Also take note that kids under 6 years old can enter for free.

Great news is that Running Wolf’s Rant is giving away a double ticket to this event. All you need to do to enter this competition is leave a comment on this article and tell us which diabolical plan you’re making to keep the dreadful cold away on Sunday the 26th of June 2016. The person who comes up with the most diabolical plan will win the tickets.

Take note that this competition closes on Monday the 20th of June at midnight and is NOT open to under 18’s. Also take note that you need to include an e-mail address where we can reach you and that the winner will be announced on Tuesday the 21st of June and will be notified by a reply to their comment on this article.

Watch this space for regular updates in the Music and Competition categories on Running Wolf’s Rant.

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  • Candice Botha

    So to keep the cold away, I’ll make a flask of OBS (old brown sherry of course). Drink, drink, drink away! I’ll then wrap myself in those epically warm wool scarves and gloves, with my rainbow coloured panda hat (channeling veranda panda -best band EVER) probably rock some bamboo boots, with a then drink drink drink away, take it up, get down, get loose to keep warm and toasty while dancing like a mad person!!! While sipping on my pimp juice(OBS and ice cream crush), I’ll then finish it up with dancing to a few amazing beats, getting a dopamine burn from veranda panda will likely keep me toasty the entire park acoustics!! oh and don’t forget an alcoholic pineapple Sunday to finish it off! Best day it’ll be at park acoustics!

    • Hahaha sounds good 🙂

    • Hi Candice – Congrats! You are the winner of the double ticket!

      • Candice Botha

        Woohoo yay that’s awesome my email is thank you!!!!

        • Thanks, already sent through 🙂

          • Candice Botha

            I haven’t received anything yet on my side? checked all the folders 🙂

          • It should be sent out later today or tomorrow, but will confirm with organizers

  • Brad rees

    When you wish you could say that you would sleep inside Leo to keep warm without sounding gay….hahaha pretty diabolical considering I would have to kill him…I can’t tell you how or when though for obvious reasons

  • Biscuit

    okay so here is what we are going to do… Firstly we are going to blow up Monday’s. no one needs to go to work on a cold Monday after a very fun, too much Alcohol, awesome music great party Park Acoustics. No one. And then we just dance the cold away!! ek weet verseker dat die bands die energy gan skep om net te kan jive die hele tyd. en dan BOOM. jou week begin op dinsdag. Thank me later 😉

  • Wessel Botha

    This plan can only be performed by some, it is simple but elegant! I called it the “The Human Cocoon”. What you need is a ton of glad wrap, a partner/friend to escort you, and lots of alcohol. Firstly, you need to insert an enormous amount of alcohol into your body until it feels like you want to call your ex that cheated on you and stole your car to ask her back. Secondly, your partner/friend must wrap your entire body (except your head) with glad wrap until it is at least 1cm thick. Thirdly, your partner/friend is now in full control of your body and should escort you near the stage where you will spend the rest of the day (Be sure to pick your partner wisely). Your body heat will heat you up more than your mother’s best iron. After a while you will start entering the hibernation phase where the music of Park Acoustics is the only thing that is feeding you. Winter is coming, stay warm #HumanCocoon.

  • Dihael Prins

    Im going to take my smoking hot cherry with me on the 26th!

  • Tiaan

    Luckily, being as huge as I am has its perks, and one of them is most certainly the fact that I do not get cold very easily. I have 7 tons of body weight and a very fury layer of body hair, just like a real bear. And if that is not enough, I guess I’ll snuggle up to my man, since I am winning two tickets. 😉

  • 0836565313

    Im going to take my dancing boots and a bottle of OBS, with this recipe I can conquer the north pole!

  • Lauren

    Hmmm, keeping the cold away on a park acoustics day requires some good ol’ Jack Daniels, non stop dancing to some epic bands like Hot Water, and if that doesn’t work out then finding someone to keep you warm But with this lineup, it’s going to be hard not to jam with everyone in the crowd! Soooo keen and would be so epic to bring along another mate ready to experience a park acoustics Sunday!

  • Christof Haasbroek

    Imma going to stof af my onesie and klap it the whole day!

    So glad onesie season has started again!

  • Chaniel

    Hahahaha I’m not going to write a paragraph but …. I’ll obviously put ons some warm clothes ….thats what normal people do … and then I will be drinking myself warm!

  • Quinton

    So it took me a while, but I entered the deep chasms of my psyche and channeled my inner Mad Scientist (Ironically more Phineas and Ferb than anything else) to develop the most diabolical way to stay warm on Sunday! I have designed a machine disguised as a unsuspecting pair of earmuffs, which – if used correctly – converts sound into body heat! The only problem is that my invention need awesome tunes played and deafening levels to keep a person warm. The only place that the necessary levels can be achieved is at this months Parks Acoustics with the epic lineup they have put together. But, you may ask, how is this plan diabolical? Have you ever seen a barefoot bearded hobo wearing fluffy pink earmuffs on a koppi in PTA, possibly wearing a onesie and climbing a thorn tree – that is diabolical 😉

  • Marnél Kim Smit

    I’m going to act all cute and pretty to trick guys into buying me drinks that’s going to keep me warm and then they’ll give me their jackets if I’m still cold. It’s an evil plan to keep warm and get cute guys 😉

  • Gareth

    I shall steal my fathers Antonio Banderas blow up doll (with life size genitalia) I got him for fathers day and attach hot water bottles (which I got my mom for mothers day) to key areas. Such as, but not limited to, the biceps, the chest, the ass and of course the life size genitalia. Not only will the Antonio Banderas blow up doll (with life size genitalia) keep me warm on this Sunday, but will also keep me company as the Antonia Banderas blow up doll (with life size genitalia) is extremely realistic so that’s where my double ticket will come in handy. Due to the Antonia Banderas blow up doll (with life size genitalia) extreme realism will also bring all the girls to yard as well #winning