Win tickets to the 2016 Arcade Empire / GRIET Halloween Party!


Great News! Something spooky is coming to Pretoria on the 29th of October 2016… Arcade Empire & GRIET proudly present: Halloween 2016 at The Voortrekker Monument Pretoria. Brace yourselves for a lot of fun, terror and eerie vibes in the capital city. Beware: This party might morph into a whole other level of creepy.

You might be asking yourself: “What can I expect?” Well you should brace yourself for no less than 25 Acts on 3 different stages. There will also be some epic decor, 3 large bars, event photographers and mad sound & production vibes.

Arcade-Empire-Halloween-2016 Win tickets to the 2016 Arcade Empire / GRIET Halloween Party!

The Evil Empire stage will feature sets by the Bobbejaan DJs, Chambers, Sol Gems, Matthew Mole, December Streets, Hellcats, Art Snakes, Fuzigish, Grassy Spark and Nomadic Orchestra. The Blood Club stage will feature sets by Thor Rixon, Push Push, RebelClef, Bittereinder, Haezer, Niskerone and Grimehouse. The Space Boogie stage will feature sets by D&S, Bongani Zulu, Felix Brendel, Master Simz, Trancemicsoul, Popartlive, Kyle Watson and VIMO. Anyone who’s a fan of live music / electro will agree that this is an amazing line-up for a Halloween Party.

What’s even more amazing is the prices for the tickets (which are available here. Pre-sold online tickets cost R160 and tickets will cost R200 at the gate (if pre-sold tickets have not sold out). Take note that tickets are NOT sold at Arcade Empire (the venue). Come as you aren’t, its Halloween and a lot more fun when everyone gets freaky together!

Take note: No weapons / firearms, no cooler boxes, no hubblies (will be available to rent at the venue), no pets / animals (excluding guide dogs), no alcohol (will be on sale at the venue), no food / snacks (will be on sale at the venue), no beverages (will be on sale at the venue). Take note that no items deemed dangerous / disruptive by security or management will be allowed.

There are still tickets available, so you can buy them or feel free to enter our competition

Yes, you read correctly, Running Wolf’s Rant is giving away a double ticket to the 2016 Arcade Empire / GRIET Halloween Party. All you need to do to enter is comment here and let us know what your definition of the ultimate Halloween costume is and why. The person with the most creative idea will win the tickets.

Take note that this competition closes on the 15th of October 2016 and 5 PM and that the winners will be notified before or on the 17th of October 2016. This competition is NOT open to under 18’s.

Watch this space for regular updates in the Music and Competitions categories on Running Wolf’s Rant.

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  • Bruce

    The definition of the ultimate Halloween costume?

    A piece of clothing that brings out the terror in us all. Something that scares the living be-jesus out of anyone who gazes apon it.

  • Tayla

    The definition of the ultimate halloween costume for me would be something that combines sex and death something slutty with that little added extra to make it scary.

  • Chanelle

    The definition of the ultimate Halloween costume: It has to look the part(no skimping out on a sort of the correct thing), BE scary and if possible something that hasn’t been done to death, I’m looking at you fake-blood-just-smeared-onto-old-clothes-guy. All comes down to one thing be creative!

  • Laura

    The ultimate Halloween costume has to be tied to the identity of our inner demons in order for them to come out and play with one another on the one day society doesn’t condemn us for showing our darker side.

  • Jared

    The ultimate halloween costume is to be a dustbin. Look as much like a dustbin as possible, and then when people want to throw their trash away jump out and scare them. That way, not only are you saving money on a costume because dustbins are everywhere but technically you’re also recycling by turning trash into comedy and vice-versa so you’re doing the world a favour

  • Quinton Dos Santos

    The ultimate Halloween costume consists of three parts:
    1) Sexy or funny – these are your options, in-between is boring, make and effort.
    2) People have to get it! Its really sucky to have to explain who or what you are the whole time. So go as something simple or popular, one night in the mainstream wont kill you….
    3) Your costume has to suit you. Unless you have the body and personality for it – don’t go as Harley Quinn – need I say more?

  • Anriette

    The Adams Family. They define Halloween in every aspect – from their looks to their personalities!
    Halloween shouldn’t just be scary, there should be some dark/sarcastic humor as well, just like we know the Adams Family
    Morticia Adams and her dress, make-up and especially the “white” focus on her eyes are astonishing. I would totally wear her for this event (with a dash of millennial-style).

  • Johan

    Hallow was originally about impersonating spirits of the Otherworld, and it was believed that the dead would reunite with us on Hallow’s End. So i think the costume should be either otherworldly (whatever that might be for you) or death related.

    But more than that how well you can fit into the persona you created for yourself!

  • A real Halloween should capture the spirit and also be original with a DIY style of Costume n decorations. Making your own is so much meaningful than buying. The spirit is in believing in Halloween

  • Cailin

    My definition of the ultimate Halloween costume? Well, a costume that allows you to be something/someone that’s completely different to your usual self, because no matter how old we are – dressing up is always awesome!

  • Elmarie May

    Mens moet darm so bietjie effort insit en kreatiwiteit! Nie sommer net n hoed opsit nie 😀

    Die jaar is ek Hermione Granger

  • Mike Addison

    The ultimate Halloween costume for me is something that will turn heads, make people laugh and of course get you in a photo or 20. It has to put you out of your comfort zone and add to the silliness of Halloween but be sweat resistant for the electro stage. The ability to hide a drink or two in your costume is a bonus. If you don’t feel embarrassed showing your parents your costume then you simply aren’t trying hard enough! It’s just one night, no reason to not put in that extra effort. Be different, be stupid, but don’t just be yourself.

  • Rob Mitchley

    The ultimate Halloween costume is an outfit, of a slutty/scary nature…maybe even both, that would not be deemed appropriate on any other day than Halloween. Think of going about your daily routine in a Slutty Pumpkin outfit or as a bloodied zombie. Normally that would be frowned upon, but on Halloween it’s awesome! If it will turn heads and give Tannie Sandra a heart attack you’ve got a winner!

  • Rowan

    One that is dark but funny. People should be able to catch on if they know what’s going on in the world.

    For example, I’ll hypothetically be going as a hunter and my girlfriend as a lion…

  • Re

    The ultimate halloween costume, or rather each halloween costume, should be an outfit which will scare people. Halloween is not a fancy dress up party, or a chance for girls to slut-out, contrary to what they were all taught in Mean Girls back in 2004. It should be all about the FRIGHT!

    Now if you had to ask me what was the most frightening thing in this world, it have to be a serious commitment. So a girl in a wedding dress ready to pop the big question would haunt me for days! That’ll be the ultimate halloween costume.