Win Tickets to RAMFest 2013 Cape Town!


RAMFest-2013 Win Tickets to RAMFest 2013 Cape Town!  Great news for lovers of alternative and electro music in the Western Cape! RAMFest 2013 Cape Town is only a week and a half away. This festival has cemented itself as one of the premier music festivals on the Western Cape musical calendar over the last few years. If you live in Cape Town or its surrounds and you miss out on RAMFest you might just be a dumbass.

RAMFest 2013 Cape Town is on like Donkey Kong from the 7th to the 10th of March. This year’s edition of the festival will take place at Circle of Dreams, near Riversonderend. Circle of Dreams is a beautifully secluded venue situated in one of the most verdant regions of the Overberg. Festivalgoers can expect ample shaded camping spots, various outdoorsy entertainment options and a majestic natural panorama. It’s only 170 km from the mother city and 260 km from George. From Cape Town, take the N2 past Caledon and go through Riviersonderend. Travel 7 km out of town and turn left at DR 1306. Look for the signs.

Both fans and artists alike are getting pretting friggin’ amper for this year event. To give you an idea, Louis Nel (from BEAST) has said “We are super excited to play two RAMfest shows, especially Cape Town. We have a MASSIVE surprise in store for that show. Trust me. I’m kinda freaking out a little.”  and  Afrikaans Rap Superstar Jack Parow has said “Amped vir RAMfest! Kannie wag nie, hy gaan alweer loop soos stroop!” .

I’m not going to RAMFest 2013 Cape Town this year, but I can definitely feel the excitement in the air.  Western Cape music fans should brace themselves, hot live act Van Coke Kartel is putting together a 90 minute set called “Sameswering.” They will be performing with all of the artists that they have collaborated with in the past including George van der Spuy (Taxi Violence), Hunter Kennedy (Fokofpolisiekar and Die Heuwels Fantasties), Laudo Liebenberg (aKING), Jack Parow, Peach van Pletzen (Bittereinder and Yesterday’s Pupil) and Theo Crous (Springbok Nude Girls). The awesomeness generated by all these musos performing on the stage might just reach epic levels.

And let’s not forget that there are 3 international headliners at RAMFEst 2013 Cape This Year. Rise Against (from the USA), Bring Me The Horizon (from the UK) and Pendulum (from the UK and Australia) will be making their appearance at the festival this year. The festival will feature 5 stages this year: The Red Heart Rum Main Stage, the Monster Energy Alternative Stage, the Olmeca Tequila Electronic Stage, the Boom! Stage and the Lipton Ice Tea Chill-out Stage.

Before you head off to RAMFest 2013 Cape Town, try your hand at awesome 16 bit Arcade Gaming Awesomeness and play the Rock vs EDM game on Facebook! you could win a Meet and Greet experience with the Internationals at the festival!

Besides the acts I’ve named, festival goers can also expect performances by Goodnight Wembley, The Black Cat Bones, Fuzigish, Woodstock Mafia, Dead Alphabet, Facing the Gallows, Haggis and Bong, Juggernaut, All Will Fall, Four A Penny, Marching Dead, Pestroy, Chromium,  Niskerone, Sideshow, Veranda Panda, Hyphen, Das Kapital, Sibot, P.H.FAT, Tommy Gun,  The Ratrod Cats, The Man Motels, Love Glove Pyrotechnics, Crimson House Blues, Holiday Murray, Andy Lund, The Very Wicked, Sons of Settlers, Tailor, Black Handed Kites, ADHD, Sex on Decks,  Naaldekoker, JanuaryOne and many others at RAMfest 2013 Cape Town. Check out the Facebook Event for the full line-up.

RAMfest 2013 Cape Town tickets include camping and are sold at Ticketbreak. Pre-sold tickets cost R550 and tickets at the gate will cost R650. If you don’t have a credit card keep an eye on the RAMFEst Facebook page and @RAMFest on Twitter for info about cash sales points or use the Ticketbreak’s EFT services.

Great news for Running Wolf’s Rant readers! I’ve got a double ticket to give away to RAMFest 2013 Cape Town! All you have to do enter is to comment on this article and tell me what the most outrageous thing is that you would be willing to do at RAMFest if you won these tickets.

Brownie points will be scored for originality and if you retweet and share this  article on Facebook. And in case you were wondering, peeing into the bushes isn’t very original –  telling me that you’d show up in a bandana and banana hammock (with three beers hidden in the back of it) is.

Don’t use my example though, get those creative and festival hungry juices flowing in your melon and tell me what you would do. I’m awaiting your awesome, mind-blowing and humorous comments!  The competition closes on Monday the 4th of March 2012 at 5 PM, so don’t waste time!

Watch this space for regular updates in the Competition and Music Category on Running Wolf’s Rant.

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  • Phaedra Poulos

    So as you might know, RAMfest is my fav fest and this year is going to be the best! Because my favorite band, Rise Against, are playing! I’m gonna make this generations version of a mixed tape of all my fav bands so even when they aren’t playing, and RAMfest is over, we’ll have something to remind us of that fab fest! It’s gonna be FEDS RAMFEST FAVS!

  • Graham

    Ahhhhh, Phaedra knows that I too love Rise Against! We had a jam session in my car recently, each song being a favourite 😀

    The only RAMfest I missed so far was last year because I couldn’t afford, this year being in the same situation I am entering every competition possible!

    Outrageous things I would do?
    – Walk around in tight, pink girls pyjama pants for the whole fest, as well as wear lacy women’s underwear (sponsors from hot women appreciated).

    – If I win and wear said above pink pants and lacy ladies underwear I will try my hand at jumping over the barricade of the main stage to either: stage dive in said pink pants and/or do a dance on the main stage before I get tackled by the bouncers (those moerse oakies!!).

    – If that is not enough, I will consume 2 cases of brutal fruits over the course of the festival to prove my MANLINESS.

    – If that is STILL not enough, I will shave my legs and chest to further prove my manliness and enjoy the epic moshpit that will happen during BMTH and Rise Against.

    #yoloswag #giefticket #IMDESPERATE #RISEAGAINSTFTW

    • Hahahahaha Graham 🙂 Desperation is definitely sinking in 🙂 Thanks for your entry and greetings from Pretoria 😀

      • Graham

        Damn straight 😛 Return greetings from Aapstad!

        * followed all contributors on twitter and retweeted link to article
        * liked RWR on FB and shared post


        >>> In it to win it <<<

        • Thanks dude 🙂 Lots of effort 😀

          • Phaedra Poulos

            Hahahaha Graham def deserves to win this! I’ll take photographic evidence that he does indeed do all these things!

          • Haha Phaedra 🙂

  • Shahil Juggernath (@shahil)

    I’d find a panda and hug it. I might die. But I would also die if I don’t see Rise Against.

  • Laura

    I leave for civilised Europe (for good) in 3 months and need a fantastic Wild Western Cape send off PLEASE.
    As a tribute to my leaving to pursue my classical music career in London, I’d bring along my cello, hook it up to a distortion pedal and attempt to sneak on stage and accompany Rise Against with a little amplified Baroque Madness while donning a Marie Antoinette Costume. In an ideal world.
    In all likelihood my cello would get smashed up into plywood and accidentally burnt in some drunkard’s attempt to braai his boerewors- so this is probably not the best of ideas. Original yes, wise, no. But who needs wise when you’ve got the Rise.

  • Well well… Entering a comp to win tickets, for me entering this comp is outrages already but lets go for it!

    Outrageous shit I’d do:
    a) If you can get me backstage I’ll stage dive off the stage just before the internationals in a leopard print g-string
    b) I’d sleep in a port-a-potty if I must
    c) All of the above!

    Im broke and desperate Henno!

  • Rosalia Mendes

    Id be willing to crush 100 cans with my head 🙂 (empty cans obviously haha) I really would like to have an all out amazing weekend where I can chill and relax (by chilling and relaxing I mean partying hard!!! And having a blow my mind weekend) before I start exams and need to hibernate like a bear 🙁 I promise to do you guys proud in my exams and become a hermit if I can just watch PENDULUM live once with my boyfriend!! Thanks guys! 🙂

    • Awesome 🙂 Thanks for the entry Rosalia 🙂

  • Jesse-Lee Rowe

    First off – Thanks for the opportunity!!!! I am 20 going on 60, and have had NO fun, wild childhood. I’ve never been to a concert, or festival AND to make matters worse I will be enrolling in Uni for my PhD (8 years – eeeeeek) in April and have to move back home because I’m so so broke and once I stop working it will be way worse! I want this more than anything in the whole world! If I were to win this concert, I would drop everything (work and all) quit my job a month early, spend all the cash I have to my name on the festival, and just go crazy! I would steal my little brothers Ben 10 tent, leave all bedding behind to ensure I don’t get a wink of sleep, Dress up in the craziest get ups all weekend, make as many friends as possible, and try my hardest to big a giant hole under the gate to the main stage and prove to Oliver Sykes that he should take me back to London so I could work for him at dropdead clothing! Yeah man! Please give me the opportunity to make this a reality!

    • Haha Jesse-Lee 🙂 Thanks for the entry 🙂

  • Clare

    Gotta say SPANK YOU to Graham, afore comment, on directing me here, the kid deserves some kudos!

    I’d be prepared to spend the ENTIRE weekend in studded lingerie and high heels – for a bit of eye candy, this Fergie in Slashs ‘beautiful Dangerous’ – Think of me as Metal Sanaz – The South African Version – LOOK HER UP, if you’ve never heard of her!

    Id also be prepared to pierce any part of my body… hmmmmmmm, will film it and give your website a little wink and a mention 😀 Sound good?

    Hows that?!

  • Carl Oosthuizen

    FREE pair of tickets would be much appreciated. Didnt think i was gonna be back in SA for this BUT i arrive at 11:40 on the 7th and it would be amazing to go experience this RADfest after being away at sea for 4mnths. So being back home and seeing my lady and experiencing RISE AGAINST would be truely AMAZING 🙂 Thought id ASK 🙂

  • Daniel Brink

    Henno Kruger…

    I am seriously looking forward to Rise Against. Been wanting to see them since I got introduced to their album “Revolution Per Minute”. The first time I heard “Heaven Knows”, I fucking loved the band.
    Every album after that they just seemed to out do themselves. My favourite album is “Sufferer and The Witness” however, I can’t wait to hear “Heavens Knows” just to get all nostalgic over the rebellious teenager life once had and the memories associated with it. I would really appreciate Cape Town tickets. Thank man. Really enjoy your blog…

    The Most Outrageous Thing I Would Do:

    Well, I will roll my whole body in honey, then in feathers…naked might I add. Spray paint Rise Against on my chest. And I would write “Henno Kruger is the raddest blogger of our generation”. I would grow the longest beard known to man. We’re ladies underwear…and thats pushing it…not just underwear but cheap Mr Price, Ackermans style! I would consume every possible liquid containing alcohol…that includes R20 a litre papsaks. Actually better…JUST party with papsak…the good old “Namaqualand Semi-Soet”! One can’t take in any glass to RAMFEST so papsak is the way of the future.

    To add to the extremity of wanting a ticket…I would listen to Paris Hilton’s solo album (everybody knows how kak it is) everyday for a full 2 weeks. And if i’m sick and tired of Paris Hilton…the only other album one could listen to is Bles Bridges (words can’t describe how aweful his music is). Then by the time I go to RAMFEST and the sweetness of Rise Against’s music touches the tip of my feathered ear….I’ll will have a ear-gasm…and look like a retarded lingerie lady boy gone wrong…with the mighty beard of ODIN!

    • Daniel Brink

      PLEASE DUDE would really want a ticket!!!!! And I would really do all that I said!

      • Daniel Brink

        HI I liked your facebook and shared the post as well! Does that give me brownie points? =)

    • Hahaha Daniel 🙂

    • Daniel Brink

      oh and those feathers I talk about…I would go pluck them myself…like a nice blended red wine…special consideration would go into the colelction of feathers…a blended combo of 10% ostrich (also risk getting kicked in the glory nut-sack, which can decrease the chance of me ever having my own minions one day), 85% chicken (fresh from Rainbow Chicken) and 10% “tarentaal” (just for some extra flare).

  • Lorien

    Yo Henno, I can’t go to Ramfest because I’m a single mom and I have two 5year old children who I can’t take along with me, but I do have someone who I treasure, who would love a ticket. I think he deserves it.
    If I won, I’d make him shave his balls and fashion a moustache out of the nether hair. I would wear the moustache to work in his honour.


    • Hahaha Lorien 🙂 Thanks for the mental image 😀

  • Jess Tyrrell

    Wow, I would do practically anything! Hmm let me think.. I will dress up in a cat onesie (and paint my face) and spend the entire weekend like this. I will find a comfy tree to sleep in every night (if I do sleep at all!) and then in the day time I will go around meowing randomly at strangers. I will also crawl everywhere (untill my knees give out). I will dance like a cat (cats are really crazy dancers). I will mix ALL my alcohol with milk. Because cats are rad and insane mmkayyy 🙂

    This is something I really would do if i got this ticket (anyone who knows me could probably imagine me doing this for RAMfest tickets), I will not fail you!!

    Alternately, if the cat thing’s not crazy enough, I will just like, rip all my clothes off and run around naked. Although that’s rather cliché. Better still, I will let you Henno decide what you want me to do and then I’ll do it! Aaaaaaahh!! I’ll do ANYTHING!! 😀

    You have no idea how much I want this (or hopefully you do now) it will make my entire year. I’ve never experienced RAMfest before (always too expensive :/ ) but I’ve heard from so many people that it is amazing. Bring Me the Horizon was the first metal band I listened to and I’ve been rather in love with Oli Sykes ever since (even though his recent haircut is really weird, I still love him. commitment, see? 😛 ) and of course Rise Against followed shortly afterwards.. I only caught onto the Pendulum hype about a year ago but I still love them too!

    I would be so utterly ecstatic if I got this!! Oh oh I’ll also make a brightly coloured flag with RUNNING WOLF’S RANT on it and take it with me everywhere i go. I will be your walking advertisement 🙂

    And thanks for giving us this opportunity!

    I am so desperate for this!! And so is my boyfriend! Please make us the happiest people on earth

    • Jess Tyrrell

      P.S. I have also liked and shared on Facebook, and retweeted!

  • Jess Tyrrell

    Please? 🙂

    • Hehehehe Jess 🙂 Thanks for your entry 🙂

  • Daniel Brink

    Was the winner already announced? =)

    • Nope, not yet 🙂

      • Graham

        Excaaaated Chinaaas! Doing my brutal fruit shopping today. WHAT A MAN I AM! Need to know if I need a new razor and tons of shaving cream for my legs as well as find some pretty lady to provide me with lacy udnerwear 😉

        • Hahaha Graham 🙂

          • Daniel Brink

            Is there already a winner?

          • The winner will be notified via e-mail today 🙂

          • Daniel Brink

            If I do win then I will give my +1 to another person on the blog such as Graham…i just need one ticket =)

          • Unfortunately the Winner has already been notified :/

  • Jess Tyrrell

    When will the winner be announced? 🙂

  • Graham

    Damn that winning bastard! :'(