Win tickets to the October 2015 edition of Park Acoustics


Great news! The next edition of Park Acoustics is happening on the 1st of November 2015 at Fort Schanskop (in the Voortrekker Monument Nature Reserve) and the line-up is a stellar one.

Park Acoustics is extremely proud to host some of SA’s biggest heavy weights in the Rock, Alternative, Punk & Indie scene. There will also be amazing stand-up comedy as the sun sets and the Cabin Fever floor will also be there get your umf-umf on and for sundowners.

Park-Acoustics-October-2015-600x224 Win tickets to the October 2015 edition of Park Acoustics

The line-up for edition features The Lectric Monks (an amazing folk / rock band from Pretoria), The Plastics (AKA The Capetownian Kings of Indie), SA punk / ska legends Fuzigish, ISO and Cape Town rock legends Taxi Violence. When the musical performances are over, you’ll have the choice to boogie your behind off during DJ Michael Lesar’s set or laugh your arse off at the Sunset Comedy stage (which will feature appearances by Kahnyisa Bunu, Martin Davis (from the UK) and Shaun Wewege.

Park-Acoustics-600x400 Win tickets to the October 2015 edition of Park Acoustics

Tickets cost R120 on the Park Acoustics website or R150 at the door. Parking costs R15 per vehicle (payable at the gate to the nature reserve). Parents take note that children under the age of 6 can enter for free. No under 20’s are allowed at the even and proof of identification will be requested – no copies, photos or temporary documents are accepted. This event is up in the Fort, so there’s only 2000 tickets available for the event.

If you can’t afford a ticket right now, enter our competition!

Yes! Running Wolf’s Rant is giving away a double ticket to this edition of Park Acoustics. All you need to do to enter is leave a comment below and tell us an epic Park Acoustics story. Plain and simple. Make sure that you include your e-mail address and / or Twitter handle so we can reach you.

The competition closes on Monday the 26th of October 2015 at 5 PM and the winners will be announced on the 27th of October 2015. Take note that this competition is NOT open to under 20’s.

Watch this space for regular updates in the Competitions and Music categories on Running Wolf’s Rant.

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  • Nikita Ruthven

    Hey you awesome people deciding to give away tickets to the most epic way of spending ones Sunday. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to share my epic Park Acoustics story as I’ve never been, I LOVE the line up this month and my biggest wish is to make my very first Park Acoustics story the most epic story ever! I really hope that this is not deceiving the purpose of the competition and that I do stand a chance to win this. Holding thumbs! 🙂

  • brad rees

    I have way too many park acoustics stories! There is never a dull moment…I landed a friend in the ambulance because I didn’t buy him food,instead,I bought him tequila and honey bad! My name was being announced as B-rad over the sound system to come and collect my friend..a paramedic found me somehow..perhaps cos he told the guy I look like thor…I didn’t believe the paramedic..and was astounded when it really was true..he was on a drip and pale as a ghost in the ambulance..he let me watch shortsrtraw which was our bro bonding for the sunday..he stayed in the ambulance…when I got back to fetch him he was gone! It took some time but I found out that he was taken to hospital because they couldn’t leave him unattended and I hadn’t been in bad once again…anyway,I got him and took him out to eat…turned out mr funny guy,the presenter of parks was also eating there.,.bumped into him and I turned into the comedian for the night while we stuffed our faces..parks is one of the best,wait..I lie..the best sunday funday chilled vibe to be! I love it! And as per agreement with the ice-cream should definitely get tequila sunrise! Say the guy with the long hair sent you..that way I get a freebie later on in the day…haha..but seriously,they are good! See you there either way!

  • Leathicia Venter

    My first PA:
    Got a little tips and walking down the side of the mountain, when Louise and I thought it a great idea to go and climb the steps up to the top of the Voortrekker Monument steps…not the best idea on the way up, but oh! How amazing it was once we got to the top… Gazing upon the beautiful sunset with a bottle of Jäger.
    One of my best memories of PA!

  • Ewald

    Park Acoustics is always my favourite day of the month! Get together with some amazing people that you normally only see at Park Acoustics and then party it out on a Sunday afternoon and a babelas to look forward to at work on the Monday. The trip there and the planning and shopping makes you look forward to the day even more! I’m excited to see all the bands this month, it has to be one of the best lineups of the year so far and I wouldn’t miss it for my grans birthday!

  • Monique

    I always have a fantastic time at Park Acoustics, great venue and amazing bands. One of my best experiences involves hanging out with the guys from New Holland and Sons of Settlers (in May) after their sets. (I got to know them a bit from previous times that they stayed at the hostel I work at, so it was great to hang out with them again). I also got to meet Stelth, who is such an interesting guy!
    We had way too many Jack honey shots though.

  • Quinton Dos Santos

    Ok, so the details of this day at Park Acoustics are not really very clear – but I am going to try and explain the epicness of what I like to refer to as the Wet Acoustic Geocaching Day! So from what I can remember – me and a few friends attended PA, like we do almost every month, and things were going as they usually do – good friends, great music and fantastic weather! The last one didn’t hold though cause it started raining during aKing’s set! Naturally we jammed in the rain and then missioned down to the cabin fever deck to dry off a bit – where the party continued! That’s when I met up with my friend Mary, who had made friends with (Insert Name Here)! So, one thing led to another and we convinced this guys to go and look for a Geocache somewhere on the hill of the fort! Que three slightly intoxicated people clambering around the wet veld, trying (and failing) to be inconspicuous while trying to find the cache. Trust me – a sight t behold! After searching, battling with my stupid GPS and almost giving up several times – we finally found the cache and chilled on the side of the wet koppie enjoying the epic view!
    PS – Don’t leave your shoes on the steps of the Voortrekker Monument, people will laugh at you when you have to run back and get them….

  • Kirsti Visser

    My first Park Acoustics was a few years back when Desmond and the Tutu’s played. I was supposed to meet my boyfriend there, but we kind of missed each other the whole time, due to drinks flowing freely. When Desmond and the Tutu’s started playing “Kiss you on the cheek” my boyfriend showed up after fighting his way through the crowd and planted a kiss on my cheek.

  • Jana

    Okay so, one parks it started pouring and all we had to defend ourselves from these watery element was a gazebo. So we took shelter underneath it, and like you know drunk chaps the came and joined us. We ended up singing songs together as loud as you could possibly imagine AND sending bottles of tequila around. So as thought, we got even more smashed while miss nature was pissing down on us. It was after all the bands and most people left, but it was the best part of the day and it was my favorite parks thus far!! Sooo maybe next time can be better 😉

  • Duard

    So on my first PA me and my best friend went to go and see Van Coke Kartel, a day of epicness and failure. As usual, like a recipe, you need some key ingredients to make a day like this perfect: good company, rock and roll spirit and beer, black label to be precise ( because everyone knows black label sê bybel). Taking it easy and smoothing into it, was how the day started, but soon after a few spillages and downages, things took a turn for the best ( the next morning my head would’ve argued otherwise). To make a long story short, we had a jam at Van Coke , took a few pics with the band afterwards, drank more, went to the square (drop zone wasn’t open on a sunday), walked back home, tried Burger King for the first time, partied on at our commune, decided to get on the roof to watch the sunrise but fell off , survived, Hooked up with a girl i really liked, and had to go to work a few ours later. The point is that day might have been my first memories of Park Acoustics but it will definitely not be my last. Live long and Prosper Parks and may my face fall of with Fuzi Gish.

  • Monique

    Feeling a bit disgruntled, as I’ve never been. Thus no epic story to tell! Had plans to go about 2 years back, but a non stop party weekend resulted in being too intoxicated to drive…

    • Monique

      But I can say I love Fuzigish. They have a song with the name Monique. First time I heard it I thought it was about me. Turns out theres another weird monique out there.

  • Park Acoustics November 2013 – Francois Van Coke, Jack Parrow, Niskerone and Das Kapital all sit around a table in the bar drinking honey Jack Daniels – I walk in and ask them if i can tell them a joke? They said yeah sure man… I go:
    So…. a baby seal walked into a club…