Win tickets to the September 2015 edition of Park Acoustics


Great news! The next edition of Park Acoustics is coming your way on the 27th of September 2015.

This edition’s line-up will consist of Sutherland, Jamie Mac Dowell & Tom Thum (from Australia), Skip & Die (from the Netherlands), Al Bairre and Bittereinder and if you like doof doof you are welcome to enjoy the sounds of Trancemicsoul, Thor Rixon, Andy Islands and Micr Pluto at the Cabin Fever Dance Floor. Michael Lesar will also be entertaining those who like to swing (after the bands stop playing) and you expect comedy from Dave Levinsohn, Oliver Booth and Warren Robertson at the Sunset Comedy Stage.

Park-Acoustics-September-2015 Win tickets to the September 2015 edition of Park Acoustics

In case you were wondering, Skip & Die is an pan-tropical future bass band from Holland with local roots. Their enigmatic lead singer, Cata Pirata, is originally from South Africa and the group is ready to treat their motherland with their exotic live shows. Besides playing at Park Acoustics, they will also be performing at Rocking The Daisies this year.

To get an idea of their sound, here’s their music video for their song “Wake Up”:

It will be the first time that I get to see Bittereinder live in 2015 and I’m really looking forward to it. These Afrikaans rap ‘n roll / hip hop / electro maestros released a new single this week. Check out the video for “Hartseer Gangster” below:

Take note that the following are prohibited: Weapons, illegal substances, domestic animals and bad vibes. Also take note that no under 20’s will be allowed, except for small children accompanied by their parents. Proof of identification will be required and no copies, photos or temporary documents will be accepted as proof.

Park-Acoustics Win tickets to the September 2015 edition of Park Acoustics

Tickets are available @ R120 on the Park Acoustics website or @ R150 at the gate. Children under the age of 6 can enter for free. Parking costs R15 per vehicle and can be paid at the main entrance to the Voortrekker Monument nature reserve.

Feeling lucky? Running Wolf’s Rant is giving away a double ticket to this event. All you need to do to enter is leave a comment on this post and tell me what you would be willing to do get your hands on these tickets. Leave an e-mail address on the comment form so you can be contacted.

The competition closes on Monday the 21st of September at 5 PM. The competition is NOT open to under 20’s.

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  • Andre

    I’d be willing to drag my Grandmother all the way up Ft. Schanskop to come and bons with me to Bittereinder!

  • Dustin

    For Park Acoustic tickets I would be willing to get a forehead tattoo or do the Oppi naked run all over again! I mean it is not too often that artists of this caliber get together for a Sunday Funday. Would love to catch Al Bairre, Tom Thum and Bittereinde!

  • Frodo Kruger

    What would I do to win these tickets? I’ll finish buidling that time travelling machine Ive been working on since primary school, travel into the future to the end of September, have a crazy-music-filled-park-acoustics-sunday, travel back in time and win those tickets just to have that awesome day all over again!!

  • Sean Tucker

    If I won a ticket to Park Acoustics this September, I’d be willing to sell my soul to the devil, listen to an ENTIRE Justin Bieber CD from start to finish (I know right), let my favorite show get cancelled (bye bye game of thrones *sniff*), I’ll be single forever (already succeeding with that one) and I will drink a big glass of orange juice AFTER I have just brushed my teeth (yeah that’s fucked up, I know). I will do all these things for you to give me a double ticket to see AL BEARE at Park Acoustics! #please

  • Sean Tucker

    Ps I spelt Al Bairre wrong on purpose just to show you another thing I would be willing to do for a ticket. I’ll give up the English language for a ticket! #dedication

  • Theo Vorster

    I will do anything for tickets. I would take a vow of silence (most probably because my voice would disappear after park acoustics from screaming ) I would never leave the house again , all I would need is my earphones and the sound of bittereinder jamming in my ears

  • Brad Mitchell

    I aim to use the powers of nature to take me to this occasion… I will harness and ride one large water mongoose to the Centurion area… Having displaced him from his home, I would then cover myself in mozzarella cheese and wait for a colony of Ravens to pick me up and deliver me to the base of schanskop… From there I would negotiate with a pack of well trained raccoons and use them as a sled dog team… They will only get me as far as the gate I’m afraid… Which is where this glorious double ticket would come in handy…. So in short, do it for creativity or for nature… Or for the very least… For Mozzarella cheese!!!

  • Elzette

    I’d be willing to leave a comment here 😛 to win the tickets. It’s true.

  • Twin Dragon

    Jy is Legend meneer Henno!!!