World’s Tallest Mohawk


For those of you who did not know, a mohawk is a hairstyle in which both sides of the head are shaven, leaving a strip of noticeably longer hair in the center. The mohawk is associated mostly with punk rock subculture, but it has entered mainstream fashion nowadays.

The mohawk is sometimes also referred to as an “Iro”  in reference to the Iroquois (from whom the hairstyle is derived). The hair was plucked out rather than shaved historically though. The mohawk hairstyle has been in existence in many parts of the world for thousands of years. For instance, the Clonycavan Man (a 2000-year-old male body discovered near Dublin, Ireland in 2003) was found to be wearing a mohawk styled with plant oil and pine resin.

In this photo, Japanese fashion designer Kazuhiro Watanabe (who holds the record for the World’s Tallest Mohawk) poses for a photographer at a media event held by the Guinness World Records to launch their 2013 book edition in New York. According to the Guinness World Records Watanabe’s do stands at 3 feet 8.6 inches. This photo was taken by Adrees Latif and has been selected as the Daily Cool Photo on Running Wolf’s Rant for the 30th of September 2012.

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Worlds-Tallest-Mohawk World's Tallest Mohawk

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