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The 012 Trading Card Game: 10 Things You Might Not Have Known


The 012 Trading Card Game launch is happening on the 19th of October 2018. The launch is happening at African Beer Emporium and starts at 6 PM. Entrance to the event is free.

I am one of the Pretoria influencers who is featured on a card. I recently spoke to the mastermind of this brilliant and creative project, Brent Swart (AKA Brent Black). He provided me with some insight…

012 Trading Card Game
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Here 10 things you might not have know about the 012 Trading Card Game:

1. The project was inspired by the Pretoria art, music and entertainment scene.

2. Brent Black (of Spaza) wanted a holiday project in December 2017, just to keep inspired during off time. He asked his Facebook friends who they believe needs to be celebrated in Pretoria, and that he would then illustrate them.

3. Brent’s question got massive traction on social media. The 012 Trading Card Game project grew from 10 illustrations to 112 unique designs, created by about 50 different illustrators.

4. The whole plan was to create a premium product and make it available at cost price, to give back to the people of Pretoria. The people on the cards moulded the Pretoria scene that we know and love. They deserve praise, much like the illustrators creating the artwork.

5. The 012 Trading Card Game cards include the likes of Bittereinder, Vusi Mahlasela and others. They also include a few of the people behind the scenes, like the gentlemen that has brought us Park Acoustics, Capital Craft and Grietfest.

Things escalated pretty quickly for the 012 Trading Card Game project

6. It quickly became a community driven campaign, where artists and influencers were getting involved and sharing the idea, generating content and sharing their artwork. The lovely people at Jagermeister SA assisted in the production side and are seen on the back of the cards.

7. There were a bunch of get-togethers with many of the people on the cards to discuss the game mechanic, and they discovered that BraaiBoy is a Magic The Gathering fan.

8. Brent sucks at his own game. During the test games he lost 17 out of the 20 rounds. Spaza’s junior designer, Samantha Kogel is currently the best at the 012 Trading Card Game.

9. The card for Hotbox Studios took Brent Swart only 17 minutes to create.

10. Spaza did more than 100 test prints with wet-ink fine art printers to get the perfect trading card feel. The cards have a stylish gold foiling at the back as well.

Kudos to Brent Swart for giving us insight about this amazing creative project. I’m excited to see my own card and I’m looking forward to collect all of the cards that are part of the 012 Trading Card Game.

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