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10 Facts: Dance You’re On Fire


Yesterday the organizers of Oppikoppi 2012 Sweet Thing announced the second band for the line-up: Dance You’re One Fire. They’re one of my favourite live acts in the SA Music scene. I have seen them live tons of times. They played a kickass set at Oppikoppi Unknown Brother in front of a capacity crowd in 2011.

Here are 10 facts about Dance You’re on Fire:

  • Tom Manners (on vocals and guitar), Adrian Erasmus (on guitar and keyboard), Paul van der Walt (on bass and backing vocals) and Jethro “The Geoffrey” Vlag (on drums) are the members of Dance You’re on Fire.
  • Dance You’re on Fire hail from Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa.
  • The band has  been writing and performing their take on a variety of musical stances since mid 2007.
  • Dance You’re On Fire describe themselves as something of a meeting point between rock ‘n roll and indie, eg Radicore
  • In April 2010 the band released their first single, ‘Blockade’. The track was playlisted on 5FM, featured on MK on high rotation and charted on a number of national and campus radio stations including a number one position on Pretoria based Rock Station Tuks FM.
  • Dance You’re One Fire released their debut album ‘Secret Chiefs’ in South Africa in February 2011.
  • Their most successful single yet ‘Boxes of Tigers’ was released off their debut album last year and dominated charts across the country, including 5FM’s Top 40. I recall someone conveniently having a box and a fluffy tiger in front of the stage at Oppikoppi last year as they played the song – epic indeed.
  • Dance You’re On Fire won the MK Award for Best Indie in 2012 for ‘Boxes of Tigers’.
  • You can follow Dance You’re On Fire via @dyof on Twitter or via the Dance You’re On Fire Facebook page.
  • Jacques Du Plessis (of Wrestlerish fame) recently started playing with the band.

There you have it, 10 facts about Dance You’re on Fire. Check them out this year at Oppikoppi Sweet Thing! You won’t be disappointed.  This is the music video for their song ‘Infinity’ which was released recently and features a montage by the band’s official photographer Hanro Havenga

So far, Shadowclub and Dance You’re on Fire are on the bill for this year’s Oppikoppi festival. Feedback is appreciated and welcome here. If you are amped to see Dance You’re Fire at Oppikoppi this year or if you feel the need to share your opinion about the band, drop me a comment on this post and share your enthusiasm or your opinion with the readers of Running Wolf’s Rant.

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