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10 Facts: Desmond and the Tutus


It’s about time that I feature another South African band. I’m doing this for the plain and simple reason that SA Music is awesome. Today it’s Desmond and the Tutus’ turn. They’re definitely one of my favorite South African bands.

This awesome South African band has been around for while and I trust that you’ll find these 10 Facts about Desmond and the Tutus interesting

  • Desmond and the Tutus hail from Pretoria, South Africa.
  • The members of the band are Shane Durrant, Craig Durrant, Nic and Doug.
  • The band was formed in December 2005.
  • Their musical style can be described as “infectiously awesome blend of Rock ‘n Roll, Indie Kwela Pop and Genius”.
  • The band toured Japan in 2010 and described the experience as “the best time of our career so far! Three weeks of being in a super foreign place with our best friends, playing every night, getting home super late, then waking up early for sound check.” (according to One Small Seed).
  • Desmond and the Tutus have released 2 studio albums and 2 EP’s: Tuckshop (in 2008), And The (in 2009), Kiss You On The Cheek (in 2008) and MNUSIC (in 2012).
  • The band have played at almost every music festival in South Africa (including Oppikoppi, Splashy Fen and Synergy Live). They have built up a reputation as one of South Africa’s best live acts.
  • According to another interview I found their musical influences are “Snoop Doggy Dog, Michael Jackson, Michael Buble, Michael Jordan, Michael Stevens, George Michael…actually anybody with a ‘Michael'”.
  • You can follow them via @DesmondandTutus on Twitter.
  • Their three most popular songs are “Peter”, “Tattoo” and “Zim Zala Bim”.

Many Americans read this blog and they’ve probably never heard of Desmond and the Tutus. To give all of you an idea of their sound, I’ve decided to embed one of their music videos, check out the video for “Tattoo” below:

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  1. First time listening to Desmond and the Tutus and I like!
    Had the opportunity to visit South Africa a few years ago and it was an incredible trip.
    I hope to return someday. Anyway, thanks for sharing this with us! 😀

    A-Z participant blogging from Elise Fallson


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