Fokofpolisiekar: 10 Facts You Might Not Know

FokofpolisiekarFokofpolisiekar is definitely one of my favorite bands of all time, mostly because they sing in my mother tongue. I first saw these boys live at Oppikoppi 10 in 2004 and have been listening to their music ever since. These Afrikaans rockers have never disappointed me with a live show.

Today I’m featuring Fokofpolisiekar (which literally means “Fuck off Police Car”) in the 10 Facts on Running Wolf’s Rant. I hope that you find these facts interesting enough to share them with your friends and I hope that you find it insightful. Before I start beating around the bush, here are those facts:

  • Fokofpolisiekar hail from Bellville in the Western Cape Province of South Africa.
  • The band was formed in April 2003.
  • The members of Fokofpolisiekar were formerly associated with acts like  New World Inside, 7th Breed and 22 Stars.
  • Their song Hemel op die Platteland (Heaven in the countryside) was the first Afrikaans song ever to be playlisted nationally on the SA commercial station 5FM.
  • To date Fokofpolisiekar have released 3 studio albums and 3 EPs: As jy Met Vuur Speel Sal Jy Brand (2003), Lugsteuring (2004), Monoloog in Stereo (2005), Brand Suid-Afrika (2006), Swanesang (2006) and Antiobiotika (2008). They also released a few new songs on the Vanfokkingtasties album (which was released in 2012). A Best Of album was released in late 2012.
  • Fokofpolisiekar went into hiatus in 2007 and has not released a full length album since the release of their 2008 EP Antibiotika to day. They still perform regularly in front of huge crowds at SA’s music festivals though.
  • 3 bands spawned out of Fokofpolisiekar between 2007 and 2009: Van Coke Kartel, aKING and Die Heuwels Fantasties.
  • The members of Fokofpolisiekar are Francois van Coke (who is also the lead singer of Van Coke Kartel), Hunter Kennedy (who is also in Die Heuwels Fantasties), Jaco “Snakehead” Venter (who also plays drums for aKING), Wynand Myburgh (who also plays bass for Van Coke Kartel) and Johnny De Ridder .
  • In 2009 a documentary about the band was released entitled “Fokofpolisiekar: Forgive Them for They Know Not What They Do” and in 2011 their official biography entitled “Biografie van ‘n Bende” was released.

So, in case there are some Americans out there who don’t know what Fokofpolisiekar sound like reading this, check out the video below for their song “Antibiotika” and get a taste of some awesome Afrikaans Rock Music sounds like:

The band is celebrating 10 years in the SA Music industry this year. Make sure that you catch Fokofpolisiekar at one of their live shows at venues around South Africa. You will not be disappointed.

Watch this space for regular updates in the Music and Facts categories on Running Wolf’s Rant.

PS: This post is part of the A-Z Blog Challenge that I have joined for April 2013.

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  1. Tiaan

    I’m really surprised that Hemel op die Platteland was played on radio, given the blasphemous nature of a specific line…

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