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10 Facts: Linkin Park


Today’s featured band for Rocktober on Tuks FM was Linkin Park. I must admit that I’m not the biggest fan of the last 2 or 3 albums that they’ve released, but I simply can’t ignore their musical genius. I remember hearing their song Crawling (which was released in 2000) for the first time.

In a way I feel that they’ve moved away a little bit from their hardcore style on the first 2 albums (Hybrid Theory and Meteora), which has made their music a little less desirable to me. The fact that I’m not a huge fan of rap might have something to do with that. They have released some really good songs over the years though. Their musical success and renowned live performances (which South Africans are yet to experience) simply makes them one of the most influential and popular rock / nu-metal / rapcore bands of their time. I’m particularly fond of their song Somewhere I belong (which was released in 2003 if I can recall correctly).

Here are 10 facts about Linkin Park:

  • Linkin Park were formed in 1996 in Los Angeles, California in the United States.
  • The current members of Linkin Park are Chester Bennington, Rob Bourdon, Brad Delson, Dave Farrell, Joe Hahn and Mike Shinoda.
  • The only former member of Linkin Park is Mark Wakefield (who was a vocalist in the band from 1996 to 1998).
  • Linkin Park has sold over 50 million albums worldwide. Their debut album Hybrid Theory has sold more than 24 million copies worldwide.
  • Over the years Linkin Park have won 2 Grammy Awards and 21 MTV Awards in total.
  • The band got their name from California’s Lincoln Park named after president Lincoln. They changed the spelling of their band (‘Lincoln’ to ‘Linkin’) so they could purchase the domain name without it costing them a great amount of money.
  • Warner Brothers rejected Linkin Park 3 times before they finally signed them.
  • The band started off with the name Xero, then Hybrid Theory, and finally settled on Linkin Park.
  • Linkin Park collaborated with Jay-Z because they were requested to do so by MTV.
  • In 2001 Linkin Park played 324 shows.

There you have it, 10 facts about Linkin Park. If you have anything else that you can add to this list, please comment on this post. I’m sure the readers of this blog would like to know about it.

This is a video featuring a live version of their song Faint (another one of my personal favorites) recorded at Rock AM Ring in Germany in 2004.

In July 2011, Chester Bennington told Rolling Stone that Linkin Park aims to produce a new album every eighteen months, and that he would be shocked if their new album did not come out in 2012. Feel free to share this post with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. Also feel free to check out the other posts on Running Wolf’s Rant in the Facts and Music categories.


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