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10 Facts: Sum 41


Today’s featured band for Rocktober on Tuks FM are Canadian rockers Sum 41. I saw them perform earlier this year at Oppikoppi Unknown Brother. I must say that I was thoroughly impressed with their live performance skills. They had 16,000+ people rocking out to the max in front of the main stage. I was first made aware of them in 2001. If I can recall correctly their song Fat Lip was probably the first song I ever heard by them. My favorite songs by Sum 41 include that song, In Too Deep, The Hell Song, We’re all to blame, Underclass Hero, Still Waiting and Over my Head (Better Off Dead). They have definitely come a long way since their humble beginnings. They’re not “just another punk rock band” in my humble opinion.

Here are 10 facts about Sum 41:

  • Sum 41 was formed in 1996 in Ontario, Canada.
  • The current members of Sum 41 are Deryck Whibley, Tom Thacker, Jason McCaslin and Steve Jocz.
  • Former members of the band include Richard Roy, Dave Baksh, Mark Spicoluk and Marc Costanzo.
  • Sum 41 began as a NOFX cover band named “Kaspir”. The band decided to change their name to Sum 41 for a Supernova show on September 28, 1996 (which also happened to be the 41st day of summer).
  • The lead singer Deryck Whibley was married to Canadian singer Avril Lavigne, but they got seperated in 2009.
  • The first song ever written by Sum 41 was called Five-O Grind which was about being hassled by a security guard while skateboarding. Their 2nd song was called I Love Meat.
  • Sum 41 were signed by Island Records after they sent them a videotape of the band engaging in water gun fights with their music in the background.
  • Sum 41 spent a huge portion of the year 2001 touring. They played over 300 concerts in that year before returning to the studio to record another album.
  • Sum 41 has been nominated for seven Juno Awards and have won twice. In 2001, they were nominated for “Best New Group” at the Juno awards, but lost to Nickelback. In 2002 they were nominated for “Best Group” in the Juno Awards but lost to Nickelback again. In2003, Sum 41 won a Juno Award for “Group Of The Year”. The Juno Awards are the Canadian equivalent of the Grammy Awards.
  • Their song Crazy Amanda Bunkface is about one of Deryck’s ex-girlfriends.

There you have it, 10 facts about Sum 41. If  you have anything you can add on this list, please comment on this post. Feedback is appreciated and welcome here.

This is a video taken earlier in 2011 in Spain during a live performance of their song Hell Song

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