10 New Game of Thrones Memes


Season 6 Episode 9 of Game of Thrones aired on HBO on Sunday and by Monday morning the Internet was going crazy. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many Game Of Thrones memes and status updates on a single day.

Battle of the Bastards

The episode (which is entitled “Battle of the Bastards”) received a 10/10 rating on IMDB, making it the highest rated episode in Game of Thrones history and I have to admit that I completely agree with that rating. There’s so much action in this episode which was directed by Miguel Sapochnik (the same person who directed the 7th and 8th episodes in the 5th season).¬†Sapochnik¬†also directed episode 10 of season 6 (which is entitled “The Winds of Winter”) and I’m really looking forward to watching it next week.

I collected another bunch of Memes off the Internet and I’m pretty sure that you will enjoy them. If you have not watched Season 6 of Game of Thrones, don’t scroll down, unless you want to know what happens.

I have to agree with this statement, Twilight is a load of crap.

Game of Thrones Meme 10

It’s seems that Jorah Mormont didn’t keep his promise to Khaleesi…

Game of Thrones Meme 09

The Hound is back, hide your chickens (or if you’re a chicken, start running now)…

Game of Thrones Meme 08

Nope Joffrey, we don’t miss you…

Game of Thrones Meme 07

Always remember to feed your dogs… You don’t want to end up like Ramsay Bolton…

Game of Thrones Meme 06

Arya has some solid advice for Jorah Mormont…

Game of Thrones Meme 05

I can definitely relate to this. I still remember walking around in Azeroth for the first time on WoW PVP server…

Game of Thrones Meme 04

I can’t believe he didn’t think of it…

Game of Thrones Meme 03

No wonder Ramsay was pissed off…

Game of Thrones Meme 11

This explains a lot…

Game of Thrones Meme 01

Well, there you have it, 10 New Game of Thrones Memes. If you have watched episode 9 of Season 6, check out the Ozzyman Review below, it will have you in stitches. The Aussie really knows how to review an epsiode:

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