10 Best Haunted House Horror Movies All Time

Need suggestions on old to new haunted house horror movies? Read below, you will find classics that will force you to stay awake at night!

Different people have different taste when it comes to movies; while some prefer comedy, others love to go for horror movies. In this article, our main focus is directed towards getting suggestions for the best haunted house horror movies for people who love them.

Haunted House

It doesn’t matter whether these movies are old or recent, there is still so much need to bring it to your attention, knowing we have done our part. We are sure out of the old ones, there are some that will catch your fancy, so why not relax and pick out those you will be interested in.

Here are 10 of the Best Haunted House Horror Movies:

According to Forbes, there are about 11 scary movies opening up this summer, but before then, it is important we know the scariest movies of all time. Through this, we know what to expect from the movie industry this year.

1. The AmityVille Horror (1979)

This is one of the best haunted house movies in history having gained wide popularity in the hearts of  and still remains relevant till today. The AmityVille Horror which was released in 1979 (40 years ago) served as the basis of many American horror movies today, which was investigated by Ed and Lorraine Warren.

The AmityVille Horror 1979

In the movie, it features a family called Lutz that moved into a haunted house where the previous owners were completely wiped off by their disturbed son.

2. The Legend of Hell House (1973)

This movie has a lot of things that  it one of the most satisfying haunted house horror movies till today, and they include; sex, spirits and an evil cat. The Legend of Hell House which was released in 1973 scarred many because of the plot, characters, as well as ending.

The Legend of Hell House

It features Rudolph Deutsch who is an elderly millionaire and Doctor Lionel Barret who is hired by the millionaire to make a theory about the existence of the afterlife.

3. The Others (2001)

Another one of the best haunted movies is The Others which is a film that talks about motherhood, and the horrifying experience that comes with it. It features Grace Stewart who had two kids called Anne and Nicholas, both with a medical condition that warrants them to stay out of light.

The Others

In the movie, she hires two servants including Mrs. Mills who previously worked in the house; soon, she starts experiencing strange activities and tries to figures out what to do.

4. Paranormal Activity (2007)

Paranormal Activity has the plot of the normal haunted house movies where a couple moves to a new house, and they find the place haunted.

Paranormal Activity (2007)

However, what we think that makes it different and unique is that most of the terrifying events were recorded with security cameras which made it even scarier. Even after a decade that it was released, it still instills fear into the hearts of many adults.

5. The Conjuring (2013)

The Conjuring is more like a recent horror movie out of the many list of movies about haunted houses being released in 2013 (6 years ago).

When it was released, the producers recorded a huge success and they were sure they made one hell of a movie for viewers to see. It is all about ghosts which is the usual, and features the Perron family who move into a new home that was occupied by ghosts.

The Conjuring

The location further shows that several murders took place resulting into becoming an abode for ghosts. Also, along the line, it was discovered to be the home of Bathsheba the witch who sacrificed her only child before sacrificing herself to the devil. Indeed, we saw it as a horror film with good script writing and character management, just like IT.

6. Beetlejuice (1988)

With one look at the trailer of this film, it could be seen that it was occultic as it exposed many dark secrets of cults back then and even today.

Beetlejuice (1988)

It was a brainchild of Michael Keaton and Tim Burton who were prolific producers and directors respectively when it comes to cult classics. It opens with two lovers, Barbara ad Adam, heading for Connecticut for a vacation which resulted in the discovery of the afterlife and the help of a ghost called Beetlejuice.

7. House (1986)

House is one of the best haunted movies produced by Japanese because it combines both comedy and horror together to create such a beautiful piece. It features seven school girls who travel to a haunted house that slowly wipes each one of them out leaving the least to survive.

House (1986)

It has numerous effects as well as a monstrous animated cat to make it even scarier for people to watch; still, it is a wild but beautiful movie to watch.

8. The Haunting (1999)

This is a film which was produced out of a Novella written by Shirley Jackson, titled: “The Haunting of Hill House”. Being a 1999 movie, it is still very much available on Netflix to tell you how interestingly horrifying it was.

The Haunting (1999)

Although, the movie does not show much about the events that happened prior to what brought about tragedies, the fear factor was instilled in the hearts of many.

9. Hereditary (2018)

As the name implies, it has to do with unimaginable events that run in a family of two. It features Annie who just lost her estranged mother, leaving all by herself to live in the house. She soon starts noticing strange activities in the house and affecting her in so many ways.

Hereditary (2018)

This is a more recent movie and has been enhanced with great effects and good quality.

10. Poltergeist (1982)

Poltergeist started off beautifully well, but along the line, it got really terrifying for so many viewers because of events that took place. It opens with a Freeling Family who had three children who lived peacefully until their daughter, Anne woke up one night and started talking with the TV.

Poltergeist (1982)

These continued until there was a great earthquake and a hand came forth right through the TV which marked the beginning of many of their troubles.

This is one of the good but terrifying haunted house horror movies that ever existed, and still has a lot of people watching today.


Why go through the stress of picking a horror movie to watch, when you can find something nice here and discover some of the world’s deadliest horror villain? Above are top 10 haunted house horror movies to watch, we have reviewed and given our opinions on each one of them.

We know how hard it is finding an insanely good movie, especially horror; so, we have decided to feed you with this list, hopefully, you find movies that interests you.

In conclusion, these movies are both old and recent for good viewing experience.


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