10 Random Funnies to improve your week


It’s Tuesday and the weekend is still a few days away which means that some of you might “not be feeling this week” yet. So, here’s 10 random funnies to improve your week.

This is a reminder to think before your drink before you decide to take that “epic wedding photo”…

Random Funnies 10

I bet when this girl is old enough to Google on her phone or tablet she’ll understand why her mom didn’t want her to watch this movie…

Random Funnies 09

I’m completely okay with this picture as well…

Random Funnies 08

Some bloke from The Chive had some random thoughts and this gem was one of them…

Random Funnies 07

Are you an elderly ninja? Well, this your lucky day at this liquor store…

Random Funnies 06

Now you know what really happens when they take forever to finish roadworks…

Random Funnies 05

Think twice before you use this “N” word…

Random Funnies 04

I’m wondering what this cat wants us to do… Maybe he wants catnip… Who knows?

Random Funnies 03

Truth ladies… Ask him if he likes “It”, “Rock Horror Picture Show” or “Congo” more…

Random Funnies 02

Truth… I’ve had some of the best sleep of my life during these periods…

Random Funnies 01

Well, there you have it, 10 random funnies to improve your week. Which one of these is your favorite and why? Leave a comment and let me know. Feedback is appreciated and welcome here.

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