10 Recent Technology Advancements I found surprising

Technology is evolving rapidly without any pause that brings even better and faster change in who the world changes and the lives we have been living. With every new advancement in tech, it is never the same as before, nor can it be changed.

Technology is not limited to any one field but new discoveries and advancement in tech bring innovation in every field from medicine to computers, electronics, and manufacturing.


Here are some of the most important tech advancements that have left human race speechless, if not speechless, surprised. Where everyone has a lot to say when it comes to technology, how it changes our lifestyle, what is its impact on the world, people are stunned at where they stand and what is next to come. Some even are not able to process what, why, and how can something be.

Looking at new inventions and evolution in technology, I wondered what can be the most advanced tech that has oh-mai-gawd factor in them.

1. Infrared Technology

Right after the realization that there are more rays coming out of the sun than the ones that are visible to the eyes. These are basically the radiations that are used to transfer data. They have a wavelength that is longer than the red light.



These ways are used in a lot of ways from emitting efficient heat, aiding in wireless communication, prevent tissue damage, detect blood vessels, and the most amazing one is to detect heat or coldness that is not detectable otherwise.

It is widely used in heat-sensitive thermal imaging cameras that are used to detect heat patterns inside the body of humans and animals. They are also used in night vision cameras.

2. The Human Genome Project

What technology is for if it does not make our lives easier, faster, and better, especially when it comes to medicine. Tech has improved over time and the latest advancements in the technology have made it possible to bring your imagination to life.

The Human Genome Project - Technology

The Human Genome Project is one of the greatest achievement that has left many speechless. It is surprising how cost and time effective it has become to map millions of human genes in less than hours, where it is not possible to do so without so much effort and time, which everyone lacks.

This technology has its use in molecular medicine, where it helps in better diagnosis of the disease, detection of a certain disease before it is too late, the control system for drugs, gene therapy, and many more.

3. Anti-Aging Drugs

No one yet has found the fountain of youth but there are medicines that slow down the process of aging. These drugs will do nothing besides slowing down the natural ageing in human beings. If you are still not sure it will work, there are few successful tests has already been done on humans.

Anti-Aging - Technology

How much ready are you of not getting older? This tech is advanced not only to make you beautiful but the purpose of it is to slow down the disease that comes with ageing.

4. Tiny AI

Everyone is aware of what artificial intelligence is, but a few are familiar with the concept of “Tiny AI”. 

Artificial intelligence, as the name emphasizes, is the creation of intelligence that is artificial, in machines. You must know about speech recognition, learning, planning, and problem-solving in your computer and mobiles but may not know that these are all the applications of AI.

Artificial Intelligence - Technology

Whereas, when it comes to Tiny AI, artificial intelligence algorithms are run on devices without creating any connection with the cloud. Why does everyone is so eager not to have a connection with the cloud?

It is because having a connection with the cloud compromise the security of personal data. With tiny AI, the size of existing AI models is shrunk, using the process known as knowledge distillation, without compromising the algorithm capabilities and performance. Google, Apple, and Amazon are the best and the leading example of tiny AI.

5. Quantum Supremacy

Quantum computing is the use of quantum mechanics to solve the problems that are otherwise not solvable with traditional computers. Even if classical computing is used, it will take years to get the final results. The tasks that are completed in thousands of years by a classical computer, quantum c mputing will be able to do it in minutes. It will revolutionize the world of computing.

Quantum Supremacy - Technology

Where we are years away from achieving quantum supremacy, there are some quantum computing applications that have compressed the time classical computers take to get done with the problem, such as;

  • Drug development
  • Solar capture
  • Cybersecurity

6. Hyper-personalized medicine

There are things that you cannot think of.

Moving on from custom products, designs, gadgets, and machines we are now living in a world that create personalized medicines. The time is about to change, thanks to tech advancement, there are drugs that are tailored as per individual’s genes. There are diseases that are caused by specific DNA mistakes.

Personalized Medicine - Technology

Who can play with the DNA? Well, the diseases that were rare and incurable, there are now chances to create medicine that is customized according to a person’s genetic model.

7. Blockchain Technology

If you think you can overlap bitcoin and blockchain, you are wrong. Blockchain technology offers security to personal data in various useful ways. Here is a little view of how it works. As the name implies, blockchain, you can only add data or new information to the existing one, no change or deletion in the previous one, which means security.

Blockchain Technology

It effectively eliminates the intervention of third-party for any kind of transactions. Transactions? It is what creates the whole difference between bitcoin or blockchain tech. Blockchain is a technology that is used to trade bitcoins in the most secure way.

8. The Internet of things

Where you conveniently use all of the appliances, gadgets, even cars and computers collectively over wifi, you must not have ever wondered that it is just the start of internet of things. The future has yet to come.

The Internet of things - Technology

Is not it surprising for you to lock our doors from another place, per heat our oven before reaching home, on our way, track the activity of your car and fitness routine on the go?

It is called the internet of things as almost all of the things are connected to wifi and to each other. It is just like a web of everything connected to each other using the internet.

9. GPS technology

The global positioning system is a network of satellites to perform navigational operations. These satellites broadcast precise time, orbit data, and satellite health, which are measured and calculated by the receivers. They give us the location, elevation, and velocity. GPS has become an inevitable part of our lives.

GPS technology

This technology is used in machine guidance, locating different objects, and also offers wireless connectivity. The future of GPS is yet to come in front of you where you can see GPS wrist bands, portable music player, positioning headgears, automated tractors, and other appliances and gadgets, whether smaller or larger, such as even trolling motors have GPS that helps in tracking location and controlling the directions.

10. Unhackable internet

Not only surprising but the most important of all security and privacy, the news is that the internet we use today is vulnerable to the hackers breaching our privacy.

Unhackable Internet Technology

How about an idea of a quantum internet that will be unbreachable no matter what. Well, there is an organization that is working over creating unhackable internet, which is expected to be completed and released this year later.

All of these technologies are about to change the way we live and the way we think in the coming years. Nothing will be the same as it is now because with the emergence of every new technology become outdated and eventually get replaced with the advanced version.

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