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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Maddy Behrens


Since the age of 16, Maddy Behrens has been gracing stages across Gauteng. She grew up in Newcastle, Kwazulu Natal and her songs are inspired by small towns, big dreams, love and life. 5 years on, the 21-year old singer / songwriter / musician has played at festivals and venues across the country such as Park Acoustics, Oppikoppi, Café Roux and Arcade Empire. Her ethereal presence and folk-style acoustic playing bring about something different. She definitively is a force to be reckoned with.

You are probably curious to find out more about this songstress, so here are 10 things you didn’t know about Maddy Behrens:

1. She’s a cat. (Yes, I can definitely spot the feline characteristics…)

2. She’s never been on a roller coaster. (It’s definitely something you should experience, try the Golden Loop at Gold Reef City or the Cobra at Ratanga Junction).

3. He older sister fed her salt until she was 3. (That’s very nice of her)

4. She was almost a triplet until she went on a killing spree. (How many things did you kill? I’m curious)

5. She has got a chocolate problem. In 7 days, she consumed at least 2 kg of speckled eggs. (Now that’s just impressive. How many 5 Star chocolates can you eat in a day? My record is 1 – sadly.)

6. She puts sliced onion on her feet when she’s sick. (Does your feet have a good cry while you’re doing it?)

7. She dislikes shoes and clothes in general. (I have that problem, but mostly in the summer)

8. She takes too long on the loo. (Welcome to the club, it gets worse when you reach your thirties).

9. She speaks in cat to her cats. (Do you have a dictionary yet? I want to speak to cats too!)

10. Her younger sister is actually a dog. (Sibling rivalry much?)

I’d like to thank Maddy Behrens for these interesting facts about her and I wish her all of the best with her future musical endeavors. Don’t miss her set at Oppikoppi 2017, she was announced as one of the artists who will be performing today.

To get an idea of her sound, crank her song “Layla” below:

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