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10 Things You Did Not Know About Dragoons


In case you did not know, Dragoons is a blues rock band based in Durbanville / Stellenbosch, Cape Town, South Africa. Musically-inclined people meet and end up playing together all the time, in this particular account planets aligned or something strange happened but these 4 forces were joined together to walk a musical journey by a singer/songwriter called ‘Chris Ross’.  He decided to take it further and find three other musicians to join him on his quest to become, well… musicians that get paid doing what they love.

You probably want to know more about these guys if you’r e a blues rock fan, so I’m not going to beat around the bush. Here are 10 things you did not know about Draggoons.

1. Draggoons started out as an acoustic folk outfit.  Their sound has come a long way since then, but that is essentially where their roots lay.  (Many bands start out with one or two members and it blossoms into musical amazingness, I’m intrigued already…)

2.  They have never rehearsed at any other venue than Tunes Studio in the more than five year existence of the band. It sometimes helps when you know someone on the inside! But they call it home now. (You guys have beer in the fridge there, don’t you?)

3. One of their band members is blind. It is really a testament to his talent that people don’t notice this! In no way does he let it hold him back, actually, he is one of the fiercest musos out there! (Impressive!)

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4. They had an album before “Anomaly” that was never released. Sometimes a band needs a bit of a practice run. That is why they are so proud of “Anomaly” because they know it is their best work and a true representation of who they are as a band. (I think I should crank up both albums to get my blues rock fix…)

5.  Draggoons have never canceled a show. That is just in bad taste. People get sick, tragedy strikes and traffic happens, but they won’t let any of that stop the music!  (Take that Justin Bieber and One Direction!)

6. Their singer played drums in a band called “Die Gunstons” together with their bassist and guitarist. Draggoons used to rehearse at their drummer’s studio and that is where the stars aligned for them. (Was “Die Gunstons” ‘n Filter of ‘n Plain band?)

7.  They never played their first gig. Their first show was scheduled for the Tuesday morning at Rock the River 2012, but due to the festival spirit level being low, no music had been performed that morning. If they had just let them play, we would have kicked that party into gear! (I think I need you okes on speed dial…)

8.  One of their members writes and performs the music for a Puppet Theater Company. There is no limit to the talent in this band… (Wouldn’t mind checking that out, I’m a sucker for Puppet Shows!)

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‎9.  After five years of existing as Chris Ross they decided to change their name to Dragoons, the main reason being that their writing process had changed. They felt that with the new album, they needed a fresh image and outlook on the band.  Dragoons refers to a regiment in ancient war times, only playing music and not taking part in the fighting itself.  To them, the name signifies change through music as opposed to conflict. (At least you didn’t go through thewhole “Piss Virus” thing that Chris and David went through with Pit Virus).

10.  They played ten songs at their tenth show on the tenth of the tenth month at Bohemia, Stellenbosch. (I’m glad you guys can count and that’s impressive).

I’d like to thank Draggoons for giving us all these facts and I wish them all of the best with their future musical endeavors. To get an idea of their sound, crank up their song “Questions” below:

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