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10 Things You Did Not Know About Josh Middleton


In case you did not know, Josh Middleton is a 14-year-old, singer songwriter and recording artist with a promising career ahead of him. This Johannesburg based local artist has released two popular singles entitled ‘Monster’ and ‘You Know’ which has been making waves on music radio in SA. One of his singles reached the #1 spot on 5FM.

His love for music started at the age of five, when he was exposed to the likes of musical legends such as ABBA and Christina Aguilera. Since then his musical tastes and inspiration have now evolved to include the likes of Lady Gaga, Sam Smith, John Legend and Black Coffee.

You might be curious about this great young talent, so here are 10 things you did not know about Josh Middleton:

1. He recently joined a new gym to get fit for his upcoming album. (That’s impressive, I can’t even get off the couch to make coffee on the weekends).

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2. Josh goes to school at a Cambridge Hub in Johannesburg called Light Learning which enables him to get a great education while being busy doing his music. (Nice. Education is important – write that down).

3. Josh’s favorite food is Sushi, but any food will do. (Are you going to write a song about food anytime soon?)

4. Josh began singing at the age of five, his first song was ‘Santa Clause is coming to town’. (Did you come to town? Did you see him?)

5. Josh designed his very own website www.joshmiddletonsa.com all by himself. (Impressive, it looks good).

6. Josh’s second name is Kade. (It’s nice to have a middle name that’s not “Danger”)

7. Josh is obsessed with changing his hair color and his glasses. (At least you still have hair…)

8. Josh knows how to play piano and would love to learn how to play guitar. (Nice, listen to a lot of Led Zeppelin for inspiration).

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9. There is 17 years between Josh and his sister Andy Davidson and he is about to be an uncle. (I guess I need to say “Welcome to the Uncle Club!”)

10. Josh loves to play practical jokes on everyone and scare his family. (Do you have a rubber spider? We need to scare Justin Bieber…)

I’d like to thank Josh for providing us with these facts and I wish him all of the best with his future musical endeavours. Listen to his single, “Monster” below:

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