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10 Things You Did Not Know About PurpleCry


PurpleCry is a dual-fronted alternative rock band hailing from Cape Town, South Africa. In their onset the group predominately performed as an acoustic act, yet over the years they have managed to hone a more progressive and fuller sound. You might not have heard of them, so here are 10 things you did not know about PurpleCry.

1. They are both aspiring food nerds (they both have a massive interest in the culinary arts and love making food as well as going out to find great food to find inspiration to work into their own food making).

2. When Marcel first left school he chose between pursuing a career in food or studying sound engineering and obviously chose the latter.

3. They both started out playing in their own church bands and kind of long back to them.

4. Licia is a completely obsessed cat lady…[Sometimes she thinks she loves her cat more than she loves him… (Licia- “There’s no question about it…I think the ultimate dream come true would be if meowing tons would sponsor me so I could live out my cat obsession!”).

5. They both love the outdoors, there’s nothing they would rather be doing (other than being booked for Download Festival…wink wink nudge nudge) than being outside beneath the stars away from the city in some desolate wilderness area.

6. They are coffee snobs and pretty addicted to caffeine 😛 A good cup of coffee could really makes their day.

7. “Licia started playing drums when she was 16 and joined her first band as the drummer, and she is pretty amazing at it” Marcel

8. Licia and Marcel are perfectionists when it comes to music and food, they can get pretty annoying about getting stuff just right…

9. They are very health conscious and try to stick to a eating plan, but if you spot them outside the house they will probably be stuffing a burger and beers in their faces… (yup that makes sense).

10. They love performing as a two piece but they are looking to expand they musical family to a 5 piece so that they can grow as musicians and perform and write as they’ve always wanted to.

Well, there you have it, 10 things you did not know about PurpleCry. If you have not seen them live, do yourself a favour and check them out.

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