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10 Things You Did Not Know About Serenity


Serenity is currently in studio, working with David Grevler and Gareth Bothma of Anti Motion Studios on her debut EP #UNDISCOVERED. As a bi-Racial South African, she was moved by the recent upheaval in her country. This inspired her to write the single “We Will Unite”. Serenity’s silky smooth voice and bell-tone clarity will captivate you from the first verse.

With her unique vocal styling and relevant messages, this new artist is set to become a firm favourite. This single is so personal and important to Serenity that she interrupted work on her current debut EP to produce “We Will Unite” in the hope that it will inspire young South Africans to stand together and not be divided. Crank it up below:

You might be curious to find out more about this songstress, so here are 10 things you didn’t know about Serenity:

1. She recorded her first cover at the age of 4 in the lounge of her parents’ flat in Durban. The song was Rudolf the red nosed Reindeer. Her dad still has the recording. (Wow, you should release it as a single!)

2. Serenity is still learning how to play the piano and she can only play the riff from “Smoke on the water” on Guitar. (Impressive, can we call you the “Piano Girl” yet?)

3. On her first day of college there was a typo on the class roll call and so for some time she was known as “Sereniguitarty”. (Still an awesome name in my books)

4. Serenity wrote her first song in Grade 6 for a Music class assignment. It was called “Wwlking into the light”, her dad helped. (You should release that single too!)

5. The first time Serenity ever sang in front of a live audience was at the age of 16 in her first week at the Campus of Performing Arts (COPA) in Johannesburg. She was terrified, but she’s glad that she did it. (And we’re glad you did too)

6. Serenity auditioned for “The Voice” twice, but secretly hoped she didn’t get called back. (Spoken like a true SA Musician, nobody really cares about “The Voice”)

7. Serenity can say the alphabet backwards in one breath. (We need video proof of this please… Can you do it after 3 tequilas?)

8 Serenity is the World’s worst packet opener, ever! (What did packaging ever do to you? Just use scissors, problem solved…)

9. Serenity wears glasses because #badeyesight.

10. She has more than one tattoo, the first one she got was of a smiling strawberry, because she is extraordinary like a Strawberry. (What will your next tattoo be?)

Bonus Fact: Serenity is an extroverted introvert. Google it. (I will, I promise).

I’d like to thank Serenity for giving us all these facts about her. I wish her all of the best with her musical career.

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