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10 Things You Did Not Know About Southern Wild


Southern Wild have been around since early 2015 and they have been making waves in the SA Music scene ever since. They’ve come a long way since their first show at Up the Creek festival that year and have recently released their debut album, “Lead Role In A Classic Horror”.

In case you didn’t know, the members of the band are: SA Idols winner David van Vuuren (on vocals & guitar), Julian van Rensburg (on guitar), Alex Smillie (on bass) and former member of Van Coke Kartel & Pestroy, Dylan Hunt (on drums). There’s a bunch of things that you probably don’t know about them, but today I’m here to give you a bit more info about them, so here are 10 things you did not know about Southern Wild:

1. David is married to Dylan’s sister Jessica (Wow, I really did not know that…)

2. Dylan only has one nipple (Is there photographic evidence of this somewhere?)

3. Southern Wild started as a 3 piece with Julian on bass (I remember, I saw you guys at Up The Creek in 2015)

4. They have played an international show….at STRAB in Mozambique (Impressive, pity I missed that)

5. Their album (“Lead Role in a Classic Horror”) has been streamed more than 52,000 times on Deezer worldwide. (Not bad for South African band, congrats guys)

6. Alex is an amazing studio sound engineer at Edible Audio in Woodstock. (Maybe I should pop into the studio the next time in Cape Town to record my backtracks?)

7. The age difference between the eldest (Dylan) and youngest band member (Julian) is 16 years. (Wow, that’s quite a generation gap – there must be tons of musical arguments…)

8. David and Dylan have been jamming together for 6 years. (Impressive, like a fine-aged wine)

9. The first time Dylan met David, David was wearing eyeliner (Was he doing an impression of Robert Smith?)

10. We are about to take over the World. (If you manage to do that, please get rid of Kanye West and Donald Trump, they’re both pissing me off)

I’d like to thank Southern Wild for these facts and I wish them all of the best with their future musical endeavours. If you haven’t cranked up their album yet, do it here on Deezer.

To get an idea of their sound, crank up their song “Time Eraser” below:

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