10 Useful Tips To Become A Better Photographer

Struggling to take photos? Want to know what to do? Here are 10 ways to help you become a better photographer. I trust that you’ll find these tips useful…

A photographer always keeps their camera with them

This is as old as time. Many a photographer has been caught out because they have not had their camera with them. The rule is carry it with you no matter where you go. There has been so many times where I have missed a great shot simply because I forgot my camera. Now in the mobile phone age the chances of you forgetting your camera are minimal because even if you forget your camera you can still take a pretty decent shot with some mobile phone cameras.

Run your photography business like a business

If you decide that you want to move from taking amateur shots to becoming a professional photographer then you have to remember that this is a business just like any other business. There is also a reason why they call you a professional photographer. It means you need to be professional at all times. Also make sure you know what to charge. Ask around what the going rate is. Sometimes it also helps to do some work in exchange for the free marketing you get out of it. At the end of the day it is your call.

10 Useful Tips To Become A Better Photographer 1

Learn from the masters

Now for those of you starting out take a walk into your local library and browse through the many photography books. Have a look on the internet as well. See which images work and which images do not work. Start building your own style into your work. Each photographer has one, you need to find yours.

Go to exhibitions

A great way to get ideas for your photography is to go to photography exhibitions. You can also meet the photographer and chat to them about techniques and tips. Also make notes of all you see. Keep in touch with gallery owners. Why? Well one day when you have a nice collection ready you can approach the gallery to host an exhibition of your work. This is a great way for a digital photographer to market themselves. It can also lead to big sales and even more work.

Learn your way around a good photo editing software package

A good photographer also needs to know a little bit about photo editing software. There are some great packages out there like ‘Adobe Lightroom’ which lets you edit in RAW format. You also need to know ‘Adobe Photoshop’ as this has been used by pros for ages and you can see why. Learn the software, read up on anything about it, watch videos on it and you will discover its power.

What kind of a photographer are you?

You also need to know what kind of shots you want to take. Do you like faces? Do you prefer wildlife? Do you love landscapes and seascapes? Do you prefer commercial photography? I bet you love wedding photography right? As you can see there are various subject matters, you need to find your one. Become an expert in one subject matter and people will then come to you when they see you know what you are doing.

The #NoFilter Debate

With the birth of mobile phones came a new type of photographer, the iphoneographer and there are plenty of them out there. Then came filter software and apps like ‘Instagram’ and others. Then came debate. Should you use a filter or not? I personally love the filters as they add a new element to an image. The choice is of course yours.

Use Social Media To Market Your Photography Business

You are now in an age where so many people are using social media. This is the perfect time to use sites like ‘Twitter’ and ‘Instagram’ to market your images and also your photography business. Set up a ‘Facebook Page’ for your Photography Company. Set up a blog on photography and constantly market yourself online and at the same time help other people out. Join photography groups and networks on ‘Facebook’.

Have a look at stock photography sites

Have a look at sites like ‘shutterstock’, ‘fotolia’ and ‘istockphoto’. These are sites that pay you a royalty every time someone buys your image from them. Many a photographer has uploaded images there and it is a great way to get steady revenue. Just make sure your images are of the best quality and pay attention to their requirements.

Do a tour of your city

A great way to take some nice images is to tour your city. Take some pictures of interesting people, buildings, places and locations that you come across. Over time do another city and then another one. When you have enough images you can turn that into a book. Just another revenue stream to look at, I was also going to suggest to you that you have a business card that states you are a professional photographer and have advertising on your car but you thought of that already right?

There you have it 10 Useful Tips To Become A Better Photographer. If you have some useful tips to add to this list, feel free to do so by commenting here. Feedback is appreciated and welcome here.

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