10 Useful Translation Apps for Travelers

Did you know that there some useful translation apps out there? This article features 10 of them that will make things easier for you.

It’s a fact that traveling is one of the most rewarding and valuable experiences you can treat yourself with. Those who travel on a regular basis know how satisfying and fulfilling it is. There are even those lucky globe-trotters who made traveling an essential part of their job and get to enjoy it non-stop. Regardless of the reason why you travel, you were probably in a situation when the language barrier became an issue for you.

Naturally, you can’t learn all the foreign languages, nor can you expect from everyone to speak English. However, you can easily communicate with the people you meet abroad using some of the best translation apps for travelers.


Take a look at the list of 10 useful translation apps for travelers below and make your pick.

1. iTranslate Voice 3

iTranslate Voice 3 is a life-saver for travelers who often change countries and don’t have the time to learn not even the basic phrases of the country’s language.

In addition, it enables you to carry out entire conversations with people who don’t speak your language, instantly.

iTranslate Voice 3

Here’s how it works:

  • you speak the source and the target language in your app
  • you speak in the source language
  • the app instantly gives a written and voice translation

It’s that simple! The app currently offers translations to 42 languages. It has more great features such as the Phrasebook, with your most frequently used phrases saved to help you speed up the process.

Plus, if the person you’re talking to also has the app on their phone, you can pair the phones and talk all you want.

2. TextGrabber

When you’re traveling to distant countries, and don’t speak their language, you probably find it hard getting around since you don’t understand their signs, menus, maps, or anything written.


You could ask someone to translate this for you, but you have a much better, and easier option. You can use the TextGrabber app to translate the written text.

The process is super-easy:

  • point your phone’s camera to the text you wish to translate
  • scan it
  • choose the source and target language
  • find out what it says

It offers 10 languages such as Spanish, German, English, and Japanese offline, and more than 100 languages online.

3. SayHi Translate

Another great app which requires no typing on your side, and is based on voice to voice translation is the SayHi Translate app.

  • It offers more than 90 languages and dialects
  • It comes in male and female voices
  • It allows you to adjust the pace of the pronunciation

SayHi Translate

With this app, all you have to do is speak clearly in your native language and let it do the rest for you. It’s definitely worth having around when you’re lost in translation.

4. Google Translate

One of the most popular translation tools, and definitely one of Google’s most used services, Google Translate offers a great helping hand for those in need of a translation.

It allows you to translate anything using one of the 4 options:

  • Speak: You speak and the app automatically translates
  • Snap: Point your camera to a sign and the app will translate it for youW
  • Write: Use a paintbrush to draw what needs to be translated
  • Type: Type the text in your language and get the translation instantly

With 103 languages available in typing and 59 available offline, you’ll have nothing to worry about. Just choose your option and go for it.

5. Trip Lingo

Trip Lingo is more than just a translation app since it helps you understand the culture, customs, norms, and habits of the local people.

Trip Lingo

You choose your destination and the app provides:

  • a voice translator in the language of the country
  • an image translator
  • a phrasebook
  • tips about tipping, safety, culture, nightlife, and socialization

It’s an all-in-one travel guide and translator for all your future destinations.

6. Papago

Papago specializes in Asian languages, but offers 13 in total: 13 languages are supported in Papago: Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified/Traditional), Spanish, French, Vietnamese, Thai, Indonesian, Russian, German and Italian.


It offers features such as:

  • text translation
  • voice translation
  • conversation translation
  • image translation
  • dictionary
  • phrasebook

Check it out to see if that’s what you’re looking for.

7. Microsoft Translator

Another multi-feature translation app which can mean the world on your abroad adventures is the Microsoft Translator app.

It offers translation to more than 60 languages and is available for offline use as well.

It enables you to translate voice, text, images, conversations, and screenshots.

It even has the split-screen mode for two people to have a bilingual conversation at the same time, which save a lot of energy and time on both sides.

8. Waygo

If you’re headed to China, Japan, or Korea, Waygo is the app for you. It specializes in these three languages and helps you get around when the language is completely unfamiliar to you.


The best thing about the app is that you don’t have to type out anything. All you have to do is point your camera at a sign, instruction, menu, or whatever it is that you need the translation of, and the app will make it happen.

9. Speak and Translate

Your personal simultaneous translator available to you in online mode is the Speak and Translate app. Speak and Translate offers a range of 100 languages for you to choose between and translate speech or text into.

In addition, you can find all your previously translated phrases in the offline mode and use them over again. This is why you can use the app as a dictionary or a phrasebook as well.

10.  iHandy

Finally, the last translation app on our list can help you travelers communicate with the people you meet on the road, and stay in touch with them through social media, messaging, or email.

iHandy offers a variety of 52 languages. It has a pretty simple and easy-to-understand interface which allows you to learn how to use it on the go.

iHandy Translator

In addition, it has a history section for your previously translated phrase and integrated Facebook, Twitter, Email and SMS support.

In case you want a more elaborate translation which surpasses simple phrases for basic communication, check out Pick Writers, a translation services` reviews website.

Final Thoughts

Thanks to these super-useful translation apps, you don’t have to be intimidated to travel to a country you know nothing about, and can’t speak a word of its language. Just make sure you download the right app which can suit your travel needs and make the most of it.

Hopefully, the list above helped you find your match and get ready for your next travel adventure. If you’re already using one or more of these translation apps, feel free to share your opinion about them in the comment section below.

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