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10 Women’s Logic Memes


Before I get into women’s logic let me state the reason why I’m allowed to rant about this. I’m a 36 year old male who’s never been married and has never really had a stable relationship. The longest relationship that I’ve ever been in only lasted 6 months. I’m usually the one that gets dumped or hurt in the process, which is also the 2 main reasons why I don’t get into a relationship with every single woman I meet and like many guys out there I know what it’s like to be in the friendzone.

I do realize that being in a relationship is hard work, but sometimes I really don’t get why nice guys finish last (to quote Green Day), sometimes I don’t get why women keep on dating the same asshole who treats them like crap and sometimes I just don’t get women period.

Maybe men are just not meant to understand women’s logic or what exactly goes on inside a women’s brain, maybe some of us are destined to die old, grey and lonely. On the flipside, maybe I’m just over-reacting and should just chill the fuck out and go buy a Dr Pepper or maybe I should just post some Women’s Logic Memes and let them translate all the good guys out there’s frustrations, hold on a second….that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

Yes, I know this is harsh, but there are tons of good guys out there like me who lie awake late at night pondering about these things. On the flipside I’m pretty sure that there are lots women out there that could post something in reply to this and mock men’s logic in their post.

Before I close off this post I just want to give two solid pieces of advice:

Guys: If a girl keeps on cheating on you, dump her ass, she’s not worth it, and you might not agree with me, but there’s plenty of fish in the sea.

Ladies: If a guy keeps on cheating on you or treating you like shit, dump his arse and don’t take him back when he’s begging you to. Find a nice guy who treats you like a lady. Don’t friendzone every nice guy you meet, it’s pretty crowded in here.

Yes this is a rant, but aside from their logic and trying to understand their minds, I still find most women to be interesting, intellectual and caring creatures. It’s just a question of time until most of them eventually realize their mistakes and give a really nice guy a chance.

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