11 Habits You Need to Stop to Become Happier

Want to become happier? There are certain habits that you need to stop before you can do so. We explore 11 of them in this article.

It’s a fact that life is a journey of ups and downs, of good and bad moments. Life is made of peace, beauty, and hope but also of discouragement, lack of confidence and anxiety.

I often found myself being nervous, anxious or hopeless. And I did not realize that I was causing my own unhappiness. How? By adopting behaviors and habits that do not contribute to my well being and happiness level. They only worsen my state of mind.

Become Happy

So, what habits have I stopped to become happier? This happened instantly by the way. Let’s find out what I stopped.

1. Stop Procrastinating

Procrastinating is maybe the worst enemy of happiness. Of course, now you might feel liberated and relaxed, but deadlines are approaching, and you will have to do your tasks. Do you want to write an essay like the ones by UK Essays or Essay Mama?

Stop procrastinating and set milestones to accomplish. If not, you will end up stressed because you do not have enough time to finish your tasks.

2. Stop Waking Up Late on Weekends

Yes, I know. Sounds like a nightmare. Most people wait for the weekend because they can sleep more. But, what if I told you that excessive sleep does not bring happiness?

If you exceed the recommended sleeping hours for adults (between 6 and 8 hours/night), you will wake up more tired. Waking up early on Saturdays and Sundays gives you the opportunity of doing your weekend tasks before anyone else gets up.

And then you will have the day free to do whatever you want. Relaxation contributes to the overall level of happiness.

3. Say “Bye” to You Sedentary Life

It might sound like a cliché, but a healthy body means happiness. Find time in your schedule for at least 2 hours of sports per week. I started with one hour of squash per week. Although at first, I was getting tired fast, after some exercise I managed to play squash one hour without stops. Sport also improves your sleep quality and you will get the rest you need in 8 hours.

4. Spend Less Time on Social Media

Yes, I know. Smartphones and social media represent a big part of our lives. Like editors from Velvet Jobs have said: “We live in a digital era.”. But social media can become addictive. And can also trigger your negative thoughts. Why? Because on social media everyone has a perfect life. But we all have problems and struggles.

For example, when I was a student, I often got the help of Papers Owl Reviews to edit and proofread my essays. I did not realize that I was spending too much time on my phone and I couldn’t meet my deadlines.

5. Stop Living in the Past

Well, do not get me wrong. It is okay to analyze and learn from past mistakes. But it is not okay to always look in the past and to predict future events based on this. The past should represent a source of learning and wise, not of fears and anxieties.

6. Stop Eating Junk Food

Which is the relationship between food and happiness? A healthy diet means a healthy body. Like the saying: “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”.

Choose to eat healthy foods, a lot of fruits and vegetables. In college, I started cooking my meals and I have also saved a lot of money. After some time, I have realized that cooking became a hobby, not a necessity.

7. Walk More, Drive Less

Especially when you go to work, try to use your car less. Try to go by bike or just walk to work if the distance is acceptable. Like this, you avoid traffic jams and you also reduce pollution. An Aussie writer once told me that she loves biking to work and enjoying the fresh morning air.

8. Stop Comparing

I am not saying to not be competitive. All that I suggest is to not assume that the others have an easier life. We all have struggles and ups and downs, and our final version is a destination.

It is okay to gather feedback on your work and to constantly improve yourself. With exercise and time, you will become better.

9. Stop Lying to Yourself

The moment I stopped lying to myself, I became more aware of my unhealthy habits. You need to realize and accept who you are. A real you can better connect to others, refuse not so good ideas and take care of your soul.

10. Stop Giving Up

When I worked, I have often found myself in desperate situations. Or so I thought. The thoughts of giving up were there, but I had to continue. With time I have learned that you become better with exercise and if I have given up in the past, I would not be who I am in the present. Challenges are hard, but the rewards are so fulfilling. You will become happier. I gaurantee it.

11. Stop Complaining

And act. It is ok to take off your chest and analyze past events. But do not persist in negativity. Our brain is used to notice negative events first. But you can teach yourself to think positively. Do not complain but find solutions and implement them. Choose happiness over negativity and become happier.

Where to Start?

You might find stopping these habits hard at the beginning. But like an Ultius Reviews editor said, beginnings are the hardest. Set yourself milestones and commit to them. You will see how the overall level of happiness has raised. And do not forget: it is up to you to live a happy life and to become happier!

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