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13 New Grumpy Cat Memes


Grumpy Cat Memes keep popping up daily on the web. It’s highly possible that Tardar Sauce is the most popular cat in the world. I’m also thinking that there is an abundance of both frustrated and creative people in the world – the rate at which new memes featuring her is popping up on the internet is not slowing down, it’s actually accelerating (in my opinion)

The 13 New Grumpy Cat Memes that I’m featuring today attack a wide array of folks, and before you ask, Yes! Justin Bieber is one of them. I think Grumpy Cat and I have a lot in common, maybe I should ask her owners if they’ve ever considered doing a South African Grumpy Cat tour – there are a lot of grumpy South Africans here who would appreciate it too if she comes for a visit. It will be great to see this legendary cat on the Expresso show on SABC 3 or on Carte Blanche on M-Net.

There you go, some new Grumpy Cat Memes. Which one of these is your favorite? Leave a comment and let me know.

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