13 Random Funnies to improve your week


Like your’s truly, many of you are probably having a hectic week full of work, stress and things that make life less fun. So, without further ado, here’s 13 Random Funnies to improve your week and turn that frown upside down.

All of South Africa is probably praying that Rio 2016 400m gold medalist Wayde Van Niekerk doesn’t morph into another Oscar.

Random Funnies 11

Cats are always making plans when they think you’re not looking at them…

Random Funnies 01

Solid advice for parents who are taking their offspring along on their next flight…

Random Funnies 02

Deadpool can be such a dick sometimes…

Random Funnies 03

The next time your dog gets lost, check here…

Random Funnies 04

The next time you’re drinking at 7 AM at a festival like Oppikoppi and someone complains, show them this photo

Random Funnies 05

This sports fan says it like it is…

Random Funnies 06

This is what happens when you have employees with a great sense of humor

Random Funnies 07

You gotta love Andy Sandberg and Brooklyn Nine Nine…

Random Funnies 08

If you’re a bacon lover, you’ll agree with this…

Random Funnies 09

Some people need to be hit with their laptops in their faces…

Random Funnies 10

So what exactly is a country and what exactly is a nation?

Random Funnies 12

It’s obvious that bars want Pokemon Go player to drink beer…

Random Funnies 13

Well, there you have it, 13 Random Funnies that probably turned your frown upside down. Which one was your favorite and why? Leave a comment and let us know.

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