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13 Hilarious #SAPornTitles Tweets


Yesterday the South African Twitter sphere was abuzz with some hilarious #SAPornTitles tweets. Hundreds kept on coming throughout the day and clouded up almost every prim and proper Twitter user’s feed.

South African comedians Chris Forrest and Warren Robertson were mainly responsible for coming up with the #SAPornTitles hashtag and they had a little help from Ballz Radio. Before you could say “Braai & Naai” the hashtag completely took over the internet yesterday.

I would love to feature each and every one of them, but it would be impossible, so I’ve chosen the 15 best ones, check them out below. I could be mistaken but I think @watkykjy probably sent out the most tweets for this hashtag…

Well, there you have it, there thousands of these that you can go check out, so make sure that you do. Whoever has said in the past that South Africans are not creative and can’t be funny should really move themselves into a corner and think about what they said.

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