15 Random Funnies to turn that frown upside down


Most of you probably experienced a hectic Monday and are most probably craving some Random Funnies to turn that frown upside down before Tuesday kicks in. Today’s batch will definitely cheer you up if you ask me.

Some people really take hobbies too seriously…

Random Funnies 01

How is this for a sleep-over note from a kid?

Random Funnies 02

Only in the USA…

Random Funnies 03

This sounds like a “fair deal”…

Random Funnies 04

The true meaning of Karma…

Random Funnies 05

Well, this is a relief…

Random Funnies 06

Interesting things happen when you’re bored in the office

Random Funnies 07

This sounds like someone interesting to work with at Walmart…

Random Funnies 08ARandom Funnies 08BRandom Funnies 08C

True or False? When was the last time you used one of these…

Random Funnies 09

Sometimes graffiti tells the truth…

Random Funnies 10

Will South Africa EVER have bacon week?

Random Funnies 11

Only in summer…

Random Funnies 12

A helpful guide if you’re not sure what to call the position you’re sitting on your couch…

Random Funnies 13ARandom Funnies 13B

You have to admire this kid’s efforts…

Random Funnies 14

Friend Zone Level 5,000…

Random Funnies 15

Well, there you go, 15 random funnies to turn that Monday frown upside down. Which one of these funnies is your favorite and why? Leave a comment and let me know. Feedback is appreciated and welcome here. If you’ve enjoyed this article, feel free to share this post with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. Remember: Sharing is Caring.

Watch this space for regular updates in the Humor category on Running Wolf’s Rant.


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