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1984 Apple Macintosh Advert


Apple has truly come a long way since the company was founded in 1976. It was first known as Apple Computer Inc., but since 2007 the company has been known as Apple Inc. Apple was founded by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne. The company started selling the Apple I personal computer kit in 1976 and the Apple II personal computer in 1977. In 1984 Apple released this TV advert to promote the release of the Apple Macintosh personal computer. It aired during the Superbowl in the United States. The advert was directed by Ridley Scott (who is famous for directing Blade Runner and various other films) and had a budget of $1.5 million.

The advert was based on the 1984 novel by George Orwell and features Big Brother speaking to his human slaves. It’s truly one of those classic adverts from the 1980s. I can’t remember seeing this when I was growing up on South African television. I don’t think Apple was in the country at the time. At the time of the advert’s release South Africa was boycotted by some countries because of its Apartheid policy. As most of you are probably aware Apple has grown significantly since 1984. Besides personal computers and laptops the company has also entered the mobile phone market with the Iphone, the MP3 player market with the Ipod and the tablet PC market with the Ipad.

This the Apple television commercial from 1984 that aired for the Apple Macintosh:

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