1990s Movies: 101 Interesting Facts You Might Not Know

It’s a fact that 1990s Movies were really great. Just think back to the films that were released in that decade and you’ll probably agree with me.

There were so many great films that were released in that decade and if you’re feeling nostalgic and you want to find out more about them, you’ve come to the right place.

Here are 101 Interesting Facts about 1990s Movies:

1. The “Dark Shadows” sounded creepy for a reason in Ghost 

The horrific sounds made by the “Dark Shadows” in the 1990 film are the sounds of babies’ cries. They’re played at extremely slow speed backwards. That’s creep AF in my books.

2. Joe Pesci got all method on Macauly Culkin on the set of Home Alone

In order to get the most authentic performance possible, Joe Pesci did his best to avoid Macaulay Culkin on the set so that the 9 year old actor would be afraid of him.

3. Pretty Woman was originally titled ‘3000’

The film was named after the amount of money Vivian (Julia Roberts) & Edward (Richard Gere) finally agree upon for her week of service. It was later changed to the title of the Roy Orbison song on the film’s soundtrack.

Pretty Woman - 1990s Movies

4. Dances with Wolves could’ve been five and a half hours long

Yes folks, the first cut of the 1990 blockbuster was THAT long. It required massive cuts. You still have to sit still for 3 hours and 1 minute if you’re watching it though.

Dances With Wolves - 1990s Movies

5. Total Recall marked the transition from old to new special effects

The 1990 film was both one of the final movies to heavily utilize miniature effects and one of the first to employ computer-generated imagery. The former camp, which involves the projection of filmed shots inside miniature scale model sets, includes a number of Total Recall’s Mars scenes. In the latter category are only sequences featuring Schwarzenegger’s passage through a transit station’s X-ray machine.

The coming years would see CGI quickly become the predominant form of special effects used in Hollywood filmmaking, with the miniature method all but losing its place to more advanced techniques following Total Recall.

6. Black & Decker paid to have its cordless drill featured in Die Hard 2

When the scene was cut, the company sued 20th Century Fox in the first-ever product placement lawsuit for a film. The $150,000 claim was settled out of court.

7. ZZ Top had a cameo in Back To The Future Part 3

They played an old-timey version of the song “Doubleback,” which later appeared on their Recycler album. As legend has it, Michael J. Fox asked them if they would play a rendition of “Hey Good Lookin'” while the production waited for a camera to be repaired. ZZ Top obliged and it turned into a bit of an on-set party, as song after song followed.

8. Harrison Ford had a different haircut in Presumed Innocent for a reason

His hair was cut in such a way to make him look “wimpier” than his previous brave leading man roles. He really does look like Indiana Jones‘ sidekick in the film if you ask me.

Presumed Innocent - 1990s Movies

9.  The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles‘ costumes were developed by Jim Henson’s Creature Shop

It was one of Jim Henson’s last projects. He died shortly after the premiere of this film. Jim Henson’s Creature shop also worked on Labyrinth, The Dark Crystal, etc.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - 1990s Movies

10. More than 2,000 children auditioned for roles in 1990’s Kindergarten Cop

In the end, only 30 kids were selected to be part of John Kimble’s class. That sounds like a lot of work.

Kindergarten Cop - 1990s Movies

11. Terminator 2: Judgment Day won 4 Oscars

This is definitely one of my favourite 1990s movies. Until The Bourne Ultimatum (2007) and Mad Max: Fury Road (2015), this was the only sequel to win an Oscar when the previous installment(s) received no nominations.

The film was also the biggest grossing film at the US Box Office in 1991. It raked in more than $500 million in the USA alone. That’s a nice profit for a film that had a budget of $94-$102 million.

12. Kevin Costner won a Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Actor for Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

This was despite the fact that the film made more than $390 million worldwide. I think he got the Razzie played Robin Hood with an American accent. In case you did not know, that’s inaccurate. Robin Hood is an outlaw depicted in English folklore (which originated in the 12th Century).

Robin Hood - 1990s Movies

13. 370 men and women were involved in the production of 1991’s Beauty & The Beast

Forty-three of them were animators. This movie used 1,295 painted backgrounds and 120,000 drawings. Computer technology was considered for the rooftop fight and the forest chase, but the primitive state of the technology only allowed time to use it for the ballroom scene.

Beauty & The Beast - 1990s Movies

14. Anthony Hopkins improvised the fast slurping-type sound that Hannibal Lecter does in The Silence of The Lambs

He did it spontaneously during filming, and everyone thought it was great. Hopkins studied files of serial killers to prepare for his role. He also visited prisons and studied convicted murderers and was present during some court hearings concerning gruesome murderers and serial killings.

15. The film makers made Dealey Plaza look the same as it did in 1963 for Oliver Stone’s JFK

It cost $4 million to do this. US President John F. Kennedy was shot and killed at this location in Dallas, Texas on the 22nd November 1963. This film was shot in only seventy-two days.

16.  It was running joke that Saddam Hussein played himself in Hot Shots!

Obviously this wasn’t the case but at the time Saddam Hussein was such a hated figure throughout the world that it was funny to think about. The film was a parody of Top Gun. The sequel was a parody to Rambo III.

17. Madonna liked Quentin Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs

She was the main topic for the opening conversation in the film, but she refuted Tarantino’s interpretation of her song “Like a Virgin”. She gave him a copy of her “Erotica” album, signed, “To Quentin. It’s not about dick, it’s about love. Madonna.”

18. Robin Williams improvised a lot when he was doing the voice of the Genie in 1992’s Aladdin

During the course of recording the voices he improvised so much that the film makers had almost sixteen hours of material to work with. Gilbert Gottfried (who did the voice of Iago) and Robin Williams actually recorded their parts separately and did not once bump into each other during the film’s production.

19. My Cousin Vinny‘s “two yutes” conversation actually happened in real life

Joe Pesci and the director had this conversation in real life, and the director felt it would make for a great scene (and it was).

20. The “F” word and its dirritives was used 321 times in Goodfellas

In case you did not know, That’s an average of 2.04 times per minute. About half of them are said by Joe Pesci. At the time of the films’ release, this was the most profanity of any movie in history. It is currently the fifteenth most f-bomb laden film ever released.

Goodfellas is one of the 1990s movies that I’ve probably watched more than 10 times. It’s still one of my favourites.

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