1990s Movies: 101 Interesting Facts You Might Not Know

61. The Mighty Mighty Bosstones appeared in Clueless

The Boston-based Ska punk band is the band playing during the party scene in the 1995 film.

Before this they made their network TV debut on the Jon Stewart Show and hosted 120 minutes on MTV.

62. Die Hard With a Vengeance originally had a different title

The film was originally entitled “Simon Says” and was even touted as a third movie in the Lethal Weapon series.

63. Michael Bay funded one scene of Bad Boys with his own money

In light of the $19 million budget, the director recalls having to pay for the final action set piece himself. After the studio refused to fund the sequence, which features Smith and Lawrence enduring a high-speed chase and explosion-laden shootout in an airport hangar, Bay later admitted to paying the studio $25,000 to shoot the scene.

64. Oasis were asked to contribute to the Trainspotting soundtrack

Sadly Noel Gallagher declined the offer. He thought the 1996 film was actually about trainspotters.

65. Most of the snow in Fargo was fake

It was not snowing in Minnesota when the crew were filming the movie, so they had to improvise.

Fargo -1990s Movies

66. Three women started crying on the set of Jerry Maguire

This happened while the “You had me at ‘Hello'” scene was being filmed.

67. Bob Barker insisted on doing his own stunts for Happy Gilmore

When director Dennis Dugan told Barker that a stunt double would be used in the fight scene, he said “Wait a minute, I know how to fight.”

68. Apple Computer had a $15 promotion linked to the first Mission Impossible film

This included a game, print ads, and a TV spot featuring scenes from the TV show turned into a feature film; dealer and in-theater promos; and a placement of Apple personal computers. This was an attempt on Apple’s part to improve their image after posting a $740 million dollar loss in its fiscal second quarter.

Mission Impossible - 1990s Movies

69. The use of caller ID increased after Scream was released

Use of this phone featured increased threefold. I have to be honest, it wasn’t available in South Africa at that time, but I would’ve activated it if it was available here.

70.  John Travolta almost appeared in From Dusk Till Dawn

Quentin Tarantino (who wrote the script) pitched this to him the same time that he was preparing to film Pulp Fiction. Travolta was not interested in working on a vampire movie, so declined.

From Dusk Till Dawn - 1990s Movies

71. Independence Day was banned in Lebanon

The Lebanese government was under pressure from Hezbollah because the film included scenes where Israeli and Iraqi soldiers joined forces (in the montage where militaries around the world signed onto the U.S. plan to counter-attack the alien forces). For the last few decades, Lebanon officially boycotts any form of entertainment that features Israelis.

72. The Craft inspired a Katy Perry song

There would be no “Dark Horse” without this movie. The song was released on Perry’s 2013 album, Prism.

73. There are various billboards, advertisements and magazines throughout Romeo & Juliet that contain quotes from other Shakespeare plays

‘Shoot forth thunder’ (the gun advert) is from ‘The Second Part of King Henry the Sixth’, IV.i.109. ‘

Add more fuel to your fire’ (sign at gas station) is from ‘The Third Part of King Henry the Sixth’ V.iv.70

‘I am thy pistol and thy friend’ (gun poster in the pool hall, which is named the Globe after after the Globe Theatre in London where Shakespeare’s plays were first performed) is from ‘The Second Part of King Henry the Fourth’ V.iii.85

Romeo & Juliet - 1996 Movie

74. As Good As It Gets‘ title was translated as “Mr. Cat Poop” in Hong Kong

Apparently, it came from the name “Melvin”, which is pronounced very similarly to the Cantonese colloquial word for “cat poop”.

75. The real Lefty Ruggiero was arrested before he could be killed

Lefty went to prison but never ratted anyone out. The contract on his life was taken off after this, and he passed away in 1994, 3 years before Donnie Brasco was released.

76. Will Hunting was maybe going to die at the end of Good Will Hunting

Matt Damon has said one of the endings he and co-writer Ben Affleck toyed with was where “Carmine came back with his boys and a baseball bat to kill Will Hunting, who deep down actually wanted to be killed. It was his way of getting out.”

Good Will Hunting

77. Kate Winslet broke the ice with Leonardo DiCaprio when they started working on Titanic

This happened after Winslet found out that she had to be naked in front of him in the film. When they first met, she flashed him.

Titanic in 1997

78. A 45 sequence in Event Horizon cost $12 million to produce

Early on in the 1997 Science Fiction / Horror film, there is a shot of the space station above the Earth, which pulls back further and further to show the full structure. This shot took 10 weeks to achieve and used almost a third of the special effects budget for the movie.

79. The wonder on Bruce Willis’ face when the Diva sings in The Fifth Element is real

This is because it was the first time Bruce Willis had heard it and seen the actress in full make-up.

80.  Jim Carrey almost played the part of Dr. Evil in the Austin Powers films

Jim Carrey was unavailable due to scheduling conflicts with Liar Liar, so Mike Myers decided to simply play the iconic character himself.

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