My 2 cents on the Blue Moon End of the year party

This past weekend was one epic drunken Jack Daniels influenced Blue Moon End of the Year Party. In Nelspruit (AKA Nelsparta) we don’t have a lot to keep ourselves busy with (unless it’s Winter time and we have Innibos festival), but that is another monster that we can talk about in June next year.  However when you wake with “the flu” on Monday you know your voice got lost somewhere between the stage and Kobus of Black Cat Bones’ beard, you know you had a good time…

My 2 cents on the Blue Moon End of the year party 1

Despite the venue and locals efforts to market the event on social media and on banners in Nelsparta, the turnout was okay at the Blue Moon End of the Year Party. All of my mates and I were there because they wanted to be there. I always say when my human bitches about a weak attendance that the people who was there really wanted to be there. And when you arrive with a tequila waiting then you know it’s going to be a kick-ass party.

Locals Café Wha? Opened the evening – what bunch of talented youngsters, they truly they stood out for me. The teenage girls swooned because the lead guitarist and bassist appeared without shirts on stage. They were merely trying to escape the humidity and the heat though.

My 2 cents on the Blue Moon End of the year party 2

SAARKIE was next and the boys surrounded the stage like bees would swarm around a honeycomb. I know these girls kicks arse, but I’m just happy that some guys woke up to their music. One cool thing was that some parents brought their kids to the SAARKIE show. Many of them are big fans of this trio from Pretoria.

My 2 cents on the Blue Moon End of the year party 3

Akkedis doesn’t really need introduction unless you are not paying attention to music festivals in our country. As always, their show was groovy. It’s been a long time since they were on the mountain near Nelsparta, but I’m sure that this wasn’t their last.

My 2 cents on the Blue Moon End of the year party 4

Black Cat Bones or the band that my one of friends call a “face melting, acid tripping experience of rock music” played one hell of a show. My legs and hooves were so sore and stiff like a good whisky the next day – I could hardly move. It was like the heavens opened up and sent us down some damn good music for soul. Kudos to BCB. It was all you could expect from these Pretoria boys and more. The raft swinging, wall climbing and tequila sharing was well worth the blurred memories lodged in my cow brain.

My 2 cents on the Blue Moon End of the year party 5

The after party went well into the night as the rain started again and the mist on the mountain covered the trees and venue. Laughter, singing and music could be heard till the birds came out but in our hearts we had the Blue Moon spirit (who seems never to leave us). Thanks to this amazing Nelsparta venue for yet another year of rocking fantastic shows. Can’t believe it’s 13 years in a row already.

Were you at the Blue Moon End of the year party this past weekend? How was your experience? Leave a comment and let me know. Feedback is appreciated and welcome here.

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Photos courtesy of Royal Lens Photography.

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