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My 2 cents on the current Fokofpolisiekar tour to date


I recently had the privilege of seeing 2 Fokofpolisiekar shows in 3 weeks. The opening show at Firkin in Centurion on the 22nd of November and the show at the Parkview Barnyard Theatre in Pretoria on Sunday night. I always make sure I catch one of the theatre shows and one of the normal shows of all the Fokofpolisiekar tours, just to get a feel of the ‘acoustic’ shows.

I say ‘acoustic’ because there isn’t actually a Fokofpolisiekar show that doesn’t make you want to head bang and jump around like a crazy person. I think they make only half the theatre show acoustic because Wynand cannot even sit still during that part.

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The live energetic energy the band has had over the last 10 years that they have been active on the South African Rock scene, they have established themselves as the front-runners of the South Africa music scene and the band every young boy, and sometimes even girl, envies and strives to be like when they have a dream of having a successful band. The down-to-earth personalities that Johnny, Snake, Wynand, Hunter and Francois has shown over the period has had a huge impact on the fan base they have built, always taking the time to have a talk, take a photo or have a drink with the fans before and after the show.

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They have a family like feel when they are together, and you can actually see that they do this purely for the love of making music.  People can relate to them and their music in a way, taking personal feelings and life experiences and turning it into awesome music that people has had a hunger for, from the time I was very young, this makes the fan base even bigger. I remember the first time I heard Fokofpolisiekar.

I was in Gr 4 at the time, my life was a complete mess at the time, going through some personal things and the everyday life of a kid and nobody understanding you or anything you do. I sat on the rugby field with one of my friends and he took this album out of the front pocket of his school bag and gave it to me. The afternoon after school I went home and put this CD into my PC, I was not prepared for the connection I would feel with this band and everything they stood for. Up until now that I write this, they are from that day I heard the “As jy met vuur speel sal jy brand’ album in late 2003 for the first time, my favourite band ever, locally and internationally without a doubt.

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In the last 10 years I think I saw about 30 Fokofpolisiekar gigs around South Africa and I can honestly say that I can see 30 more and still not be tired of the band or the music. One of my friends asked me on Sunday night, ‘Haven’t you seen them enough by now?’ All I could say was, it would maybe take a few more years, but I doubt that I’ll get tired of them. They feed my soul with things that makes sense to me as a young person who has simple everyday problems with people and the things around me, they take my mind to another universe.

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The launch of the ‘As jy met vuur speel sal jy brand’ LP made me so excited that I pitched up for the Barnyard show 2 hours early, just to make sure that I get one of those sought-after , must have items that every hardcore fan of the band needs for their collection and only 300 copies of the LP were made, and prices at a very reasonable R350.00, I happen to think that it is a steal. Mine is now signed and has gone in for framing and will very soon be hanging on my wall at home.

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The tour will consist of  9 shows of which 6 has already been played. I suggest you make your way down to one of the last 3 shows and get your hands on one of the LP’s before you regret it later on, the first of the 3 is on tonight at the Atterbury Theatre just off the Lynnwood off ramp in Pretoria.

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Last 3 shows are as follows:

  • 12 December 2013: Atterbury Theatre, Lynnwood
  • 13 December 2013: Arcade Empire, Pretoria
  • 14 December 2013: Rumours, Johannesburg

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