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My 2 cents on Jimmy Carr (Live in Durban)


Being an avid Twitter user I am often the brunt of my friend’s jealousy for continually winning competitions and when I won two tickets to go see Jimmy Carr’s Gagging Order in Durban – it was probably one of the best competitions I have won.

I won the tickets through Computicket and because it was a competition I expected our seats to be average and possibly near the nose bleed section at the Durban ICC. I was pleasantly surprised when picking up my tickets to see that we were seated just four rows from the front and yet the concern came in because I am aware, from my time in London, that you do not want to be heckled by Jimmy Carr.

Famous for his brilliant and fast one liners I knew we were in for a hysterical show and Jimmy did not disappoint. Not only did he have me in stitches for the entire two hours, he also did his research on the current hot topics in South Africa. Nobody was left out, from Oscar Pistorius and how he has made Valentine’s Day much easier for all men “you should be grateful for the supermarket flowers dear, at least you’re still alive”,
to our President and his exorbitant expenditure on Nklandla. To Shiren Diwani and whether he will take a taxi from the airport and my favourite, the mocking of the Durban accent. He sounded very close to Leonardo Di Caprio in Blood Diamond and did not shy away from the word “bru”.

Whilst I loved every minute of the show I felt that a lot of the audience were a bit slow off the mark in terms of catching some of the one liners. Whether this is down to his posh North London accent or just the dry British humour (which I personally adore) I cannot be sure but it felt to me that a few of the jokes I laughed loudest at were a bit lost on quite a large part of the audience.

Jimmy Carr is well known for his below the belt humour and crude language yet because of his smart suit and posh school boy accent it somehow does not seem so offensive if I compare it to someone like John Vlismas. His interaction with the audience is my favourite part of his shows because no matter how quick off the mark you think you are, Jimmy Carr will always be quicker and the insults are so cringe worthy it is almost not worth opening your mouth, unless you are prepared to be shredded.

The thing about comedy and it is a point he made in his show, is that no religion, no person, no situation is left alone. If you are easily offended do not go to a comedy show that is the bottom line. He talks about every possible scenario worth mentioning and if you are very PC then rather stay at home.

I loved every single second of the show and although personally for me seeing Jimmy Carr in London was a better experience I was very impressed with his ability to fall straight into the “South Africa” frame of mind and tell jokes based solely on our Country.

Jimmy Carr Gagging Order is out now on DVD, get it, watch it, laugh out loud hilarity that is well worth the purchase!

Have you seen Jimmy Carr live? Did you enjoy his show or were you disappointed? Leave a comment and let us know what you think. Feedback is appreciated and welcome here. If you’ve enjoyed my review, feel free to share this article with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. Remember: Sharing is Caring.

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