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2 Funny Gumtree Adverts


Over the last few days some folks have pointed out some funny Gumtree adverts to me. I found 2 of these adverts really funny. I thought I’d share them with you to lighten the early week blues.

The first advert (which also caught the attention of South Africa’s most popular news website News24) featured a dude looking for a midget to do some handy work for him

The second advert was a guy looking for some assistance in his clubbing / pub crawling activities

I’m going to be honest with you folks, I may get desperate for attention from the fairer sex, but I will never get this desperate. I have my morals and standards (well kinda anyway).

What are your thoughts about these adverts? Drop me a comment and let me know what you think about this. Feedback is appreciated and welcome here.

Watch this space for more posts in the Humor category and Funny Pictures section of Running Wolf’s Rant. 


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