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20 #BraaiMovies Posters for National Braai Day


National Heritage Day is celebrated on the 24th of September in South Africa. On this day South Africans celebrate their rich heritage and culture. Pre 1995 this public holiday was known as Shaka Day. It’s still observed as this day (which honors the Zulu King Shaka’s legacy) but over the last few years this day has also become known and celebrated as National Braai Day. Every year thousands of South Africans tan their favorite piece of meat on the braai and have a good time on this day.

6 years ago I published a post featuring 50 of the best #BraaiMovies Tweets for National Braai Day and it was immensely popular. Hugo ‘Pat’ Kleynhans (who hails from Port Elizabeth) spotted this article and another article on the Rib Shack Red Blog and decided to make a few posters for the #BraaiMovies. Check some of them out below:

Something tells me that a movie called “The Wors Whisperer” would be a lot cooler than one called “The Horse Whisperer” and that Samuel L. Jackson would be a lot less agitated when I found out that there were “Steaks on a Plane”. I would also be curious to see how a “Star Wors” and “Jurrasic Pork” looks and tastes, wouldn’t you?

You can view Hugo’s full album of  40# BraaiMovies Posters at this link. If you’ve enjoyed viewing these posters, feel free to share this article with your friends. Sharing is caring after all.

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