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20 Facts: The Year 1971


1971 was an interesting year. I was only born 6 years later though so I have no recollection whatsoever of this year. I will be featuring a year from the 20th Century every now and then on Running Wolf’s Rant. History is one of my favorite subjects (right behind nostalgia, South Africa and rock music). Hopefully all of you reading this will appreciate this post and the information it contains. This post features notable events summarized into 20 facts about 1971.

Here is the list of Notable Events that happened in 1971:

  1. Queen and the Eagles were formed in 1971.
  2. The 43rd Annual Academy Awards was held in 1971 at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, Los Angeles in the United States. Patton (a film about an American World War 2 general) won the Oscar for Best Picture. George C. Scott won the Oscar for Best Actor for Patton but became the first actor in history to refuse the award. British Actress Glenda Jackson won the Oscar for Best Actress for Women in Love.
  3. In South Africa Jim Fouche was the State President of South Africa and BJ Vorster was the Prime Minister of South Africa. The 269m (882 feet) Hillbrow Tower in Johannesburg was completed in 1971. It was then named the J.G. Strijdom tower. In 2005 it was renamed to the Telkom tower. The South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) lifted its ban on The Beatles in 1971. Winnie Mandela (former wife of Nelson Mandela) was sentenced to 1 year in jail in 1971. Arthur Ashe (the famous tennis player) was denied a visa to visit South Africa in the same year.
  4. A ban on radio and television adverts for cigarettes went into effect on the 1st of January 1971 in the United States.
  5. The first ever One Day International Cricket match between Australia and England was played in 1971.
  6. The Aswan Dam was officially opened in Egypt in 1971.
  7. In the United Kingdom, the vehicle manufacturer Rolls Royce went bankrupt and was nationalized
  8. Apollo 14 landed on the moon in 1971.
  9. The Nasdaq index made its debut in 1971 on Wall Street in the United States
  10. The daredevil, Evel Knievel set a world record by jumping over 19 cars in 1971.
  11. The infamous Ed Sullivan show aired it last episode in the United States in 1971.
  12. In April 1971 500,000 people in Washington DC and 125,000 people in San Fransisco marched to protest against the Vietnam War. In the same year The Harris Poll claimed that 60% of Americans were against the war.
  13. The New York Times began publishing the Pentagon Papers (a top-secret United States Department of Defense history of US political / military involvement in Vietnam between 1945 & 1967) in 1971.
  14. Jim Morrison, lead singer of The Doors was found dead in his bathtub in Paris, France in 1971.
  15. In 1971 the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bangladesh and Bahrain became independent countries.
  16. In 1971 the United Nations General Assembly admitted the People’s Republic of China and expelled the Republic of China (Taiwan).
  17. Mariner 9 became the first spacecraft to enter Mars orbit successfully in 1971.
  18. The Intel 4004 (the world’s first microprocessor) was launched by Intel in 1971. Texas Instruments released the first pocket calculator in 1971.  The first soft contact lens became available commercially in the United States in 1971. The UNIX Programmer’s manual was published in 1971.
  19. A Clockwork Orange (a movie directed by Stanley Kubrick and starring Malcolm Mcdowell), Dirty Harry (starring Clint Eastwood), The French Connection (starring Gene Hackman), Diamonds are Forever (the last James Bond film featuring Sean Connery), Shaft (starring Richard Rowntree), Klute (starring Jane Fonda and Donald Sutherland), Escape from the Planet of the Apes and Fists of Fury (starring Bruce Lee) was released in cinemas in 1971.
  20. Corey Feldman (famous for his roles in movies in 1980s), Luke Wilson (Actor), Rachel Weisz (British Actress), Antonio Banderas (Actor), Mark Wahlberg (Actor), Monica Potter (Actress), Johnny Knoxville (of Jackass fame), Kid Rock (Musician), Lance Armstrong (Cyclist), Mariah Carey (Musician), Sean Astin (Actor), Shannen Doherty (Actress), Snoop Dogg (Rapper), Tupac Shakur (Rapper), Winona Ryder (Actress), Minnie Driver (Actress), Ricky Martin (Musician), Mary J Blige (Musician), Bridget Moynahan (Actress), Gena Lee Nolin (Actress), Adriana Sklenarikova (Model) and Caprice Bourret (Model) were all born in 1971.

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