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20 Famous People Before You Knew Them (Photos)


I was browsing 9GAG a little earlier today and I stumbled upon this photo collage featuring 20 Famous People Before You Know Them. This was so cool I thought that it would be perfect for the Epic Photos section in the Photography category of this photo.

This photo collage below features photos of Albert Einstein (world famous physicist), Arnold Schwarzenegger (Former Mr Universe, Governor of California and Actor), Betty White (Rose from The Golden Girls), Dustin Hoffman (famous for her roles in The Graduate and Rain Man), Christopher Lloyd (Doc Brown from Back to the Future), George Carlin (legendary American stand-up comedian), Judi Dench (M from the James Bond films and Queen Elizabeth I in Shakespeare in Love),Jack Nicholson (famous for his Oscar winning role in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s nest and for being the Joker in Tim Burton’s Batman), Jerry Seinfeld (stand-up comedian famous for the 1990’s TV series Seinfeld), Michael Cane (Austin Powers’ dad and the Alfred in the last three Batman films), Morgan Freeman (the best narrator in the history of film), Richard Nixon (former president of the USA), Nicholas Cage (famous actor who needs no introduction), Robin Williams (stand-up comedian and actor), Steve Martin (stand-up comedian and actor), Sean Connery (the first James Bond and Indiana Jones’ dad), William Shatner (Captain Kirk from the original Star Trek series and Denny Crane in Boston Legal), Mahatma Ghandi (famous Indian politician / statesman), Stephen Hawking (one of the most brilliant minds of our time) and Steve Buscemi (famous for his roles in The Big Lebowski, Reservoir Dogs and television’s Boardwalk Empire).

Well, there you have it, 20 Famous People Before You Knew Them. Which photo freaked you out the most? Leave a comment and let me know what you think. Feedback is appreciated and welcome here.

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