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2018 South African Metal Music Awards Nominees Announced


The South African Metal Music Awards was born in 2014 out of a desire to honour the hard work of South African metal music, a genre often overlooked in conventional awards ceremonies.

A key objective includes building a strong sense of South African pride in the Metal which this nation produces, and to encourage bands and fans from different parts of the country to become familiar with great music and entertainment from other cities.

The SAMMA team comprises of various volunteers who all want to see the South African metal scene and industry grow both within our borders, and then to the greater world. What better way to showcase this, than an awards ceremony that acknowledges the bands who have worked hard to produce a great product!

In the build up towards the SAMMA’s ceremony, the team aims to showcase the top five nominated bands in as much media as possible – both locally and internationally.

The procedure of how a winner is determined is no small feat. All nominations have to meet strict criteria and undergo a vigorous elimination process by both the public and an a panel of well-known judges – all within the South African metal music industry, including event promoters, sound engineers and journalists.

This process is thoroughly outlined in the document – the SAMMA Operations Manual. For more information on this, please click this link. The 2018 South African Metal Music Awards ceremony will be held at Rumours Rock City in Johannesburg on the 7th of April 2018.

This is always a beloved event, as South African Metalheads, musicians and other industry people from as far afield as Cape Town, Port Elizabeth and Durban suite up for a night of spectacular performances, awards, photos in front of the media wall and a celebration of our bands among their peers.

Here are the nominees for each category in 2018 South African Metal Music Awards:

Best Music Video

  • L.A.Cobra – War
  • Nerve Zero – Torture Chamber
  • Ohgod – Hungry Ghosts
  • Red Helen – Ode To The Corrupt
  • Mezzanine Floor – Behold! Luca

Best Single

  • Nerve Zero – Torture Chamber
  • Megalodon – Sanctum
  • My Columbine – Vigorish
  • DevilSpeak – Unearth Hell
  • Ohgod – Hungry Ghosts

Best EP

  • Disarmageddon – Contagion
  • Last One Alive – Last One Alive
  • The Fallen Prophets – Death Conquers Life
  • Technopath – Ontology
  • Ruff Majik – A Finch in a Cherry Tree

Best Album

  • Megalodon – Illusion of Origin
  • Deadline – Black Wolf City
  • Ohgod – The Great Silence
  • Red Helen – Trading Past for Pathways
  • Kings of Improg – Henosis

Best Live Band

  • Deadline
  • Megalodon
  • Ohgod
  • Riddlebreak
  • Red Helen

Best Newcomer

  • Hiraeth
  • Disarmageddon
  • Last One Alive
  • 13th Empire
  • Abaddon

Best Metal Event

  • Krank’d Up 2017
  • Ragnarok 2
  • M4A Summerfest’17
  • WackenMetalBattle SA: The Finals 2017
  • MetalFeast 2017

Best Death Metal

  • Nerve Zero
  • DevilSpeak
  • My Columbine
  • The Fallen Prophets
  • Maximum Carnage

Best Black Metal

  • Adorned in Ash
  • Nebula Disrupt
  • Sinister Superstar
  • Spectral Realm
  • Wildernessking

Best Old School Metal

  • Deadline
  • L.A. Cobra
  • Disarmageddon
  • The Slashdogs
  • De Wallen

Best Core Metal Band

  • Red Helen
  • Boargazm
  • Truth and It’s Burden
  • Treehouse Burning
  • 13th Empire

Best Alternative Metal Band

  • Deity’s Muse
  • Dirty Moonshine
  • Aimed At You
  • With Dawn
  • Last One Alive

Best Progressive Metal band

  • Ohgod
  • Megalodon
  • Kings of Improg
  • Mezzanine floor
  • Technopath

Watch this space for regular updates in the Music category on Running Wolf’s Rant.


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