Twenty One 2021 Memes To Kick-Start Your Year

There’s no doubt in my mind that to kick-start this year, the best way would be with some 2021 Memes. It’s a fact that 2020 wasn’t the best year for many of you reading this article. I hope that these memes will turn your 2020 frown upside down.

Here are Twenty One 2021 Memes To Kick-Start Your Year

Here’s some useful encouragement for 2021

2021 Memes 01

Thank goodness that 2020 didn’t end this way…

2021 Memes 02

Here’s some motivation for 2021

2021 Memes 03

Some of you might be going into 2021 like this…

2021 Memes 04

Here’s a way to wish your friends a Happy 2021

2021 Memes 05

Someone will walk way with this title in 2021…

2021 Memes 06

RIP Adobe Flash Player. In case you did not know, support for this player was discontinued…

2021 Memes 07

Will 2021 be more of the same that we saw in 2020? I guess we’ll have to find out…

2021 Memes 08

Some of you might be entering 2021 like this…

2021 Memes 09

Many South Africans probably woke up like this today (Alcohol sales have been banned till the middle of January 2021)

2021 Memes 10

Let’s hope that 2021 will not be a “Red Wedding” kind of year…

2021 Memes 11

Let’s hope that 2021 will not be a Ramsay Bolton kind of year either…

2021 Memes 12

Here’s a letter addressed to 2021

2021 Memes 13

Tyler Durden has some useful advice for us…

2021 Memes 14

Same same, but different? Bring it on I say…

2021 Memes 15

Let’s just be optimistic, okay?

2021 Memes 16

Anything is possible…

2021 Memes 17

Let’s hope that this isn’t the case in 2021

2020 Memes 18

My hope is that this blesses your 2021…

2021 Memes 19

When is this going to happen? Guess we’ll have to find out…

2021 Memes 20

I think we’ll just be living the good life in 2021…

2021 Memes 21 Well, there you have it, Twenty One 2021 Memes to kick-start your year. I hope that you’ve at least had a chuckle and that you’re feeling a little more optomistic about this year than you did before.

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